Guest DJ: BoB from DiscomBoBulated Running

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Ladies and gents…meet BoB.

When she’s not busy parenting her four legged son, Lloyd the Attack Terrier, (that makes her a Mom in my book), she’s running like FIFTY miles a week, working full time, actually going out on AT NIGHT occasion, and then blogging about it all.

Holy carp, right? I’m exhausted just reading all that. When does she find the time, let alone the energy? But somehow, when I head over to DiscomBoBulated Running to peek in, I invariably come away inspired. Not in that “I shall now go and conquer the world!” kind of way…because that would just be obnoxious, not to mention setting me up for a HUGE failure. Rather in the way that leaves me internally cheering for her, then making small but important better-than-usual decisions throughout the rest of my day. Like…
“no, I’m not going to have a third donut. BoB ran fourteen miles before work.” “Hey…I should park five spaces farther away from the Grocery Store entrance. BoB would probably have run here and back, balancing the case of beer on her head on the way home.” “Ri – don’t listen to Air Supply. BoB’s playlist would kick your playlist’s ass if it could see that.”

Yet, somehow…in the midst of all these superpowers and unbelievable feats…she manages to be sweet. Easygoing. Laid back and non-threatening. Her charm and self-depricating humor will disarm you, and you’ll have another instant bloggy buddy.

Go see for yourself while you’re listening to her Shuffle Made of Win.
Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

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