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Guest DJ: Kim from Devilish Southern Belle

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So, d’you remember the first day of High School…their was that one girl who was the killer one-two combo of super cool AND way nice? The one that would be incredibly intimidating if she weren’t so damn sweet and welcoming you couldn’t possibly hate her, or be envious? The one who was so kick ass she could have snubbed her nose at EVERYONE and still been voted Homecoming Queen?
Yeah, me either. Because anyone THAT cool couldn’t POSSIBLY be that nice, right? Such a combo would be against all laws of nature – you’re either cool and bitchy or nice and sappy, right?
Not so. Because Kim of Devilish Southern Belle is all of those great things rolled up into one plate of unbelieveable drizzled with gooey awesome sauce. She was SO genuinely excited with the concept of this blog that she jumped in with both feet – offering suggestions, giving me time saving tips, supportive emails and the kind of general enthusiasm that I needed to really get this thing in gear.

And the most fabulous fun fact of all? She didn’t know me from a hole in the wall two weeks ago.

When I checked out her blog and saw her encyclopaedic knowledge of music, her wit, her easy writing style and the amount of folks who love her…well, I was humbled. (Go check it out for yourself – here and here…well, and here if you’re curious about GWAR and don’t have delicate sensibilities…)

Dude. She’s like Rizzo and Sandy combined.
Get comfy, because I present the DSB Shuffle, y’all. If you love it, buy it. Support the artists.

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Hello, Music Savvy Moms! I’m Kim from Devilish Southern Belle, where I blog about my life, family, and whatever else comes to mind.

In addition to being my online personal journal/blog/to-do list, is also the #1 Google search result for ‘Gwar Groupies’. My musical tastes are all over the board. Seriously. But my mp3 library does not include much in the way of indie or truly obscure music. Or gangsta rap.

1. Okie From Muskogee – Hank III & the Melvins.

I’m going to smack myself in the forehead right now for excluding this very awesome cover from my Thursday 13, favorite cover songs edition. I LOVE Hank III so much, and haven’t managed to see him live even once. (They didn’t have this song – or anything with the Melvins. I improvised with another classic cover: Cocaine Blues.)

2. Radio Free Europe – R.E.M.

Oh, R.E.M. They were my first obsession with a college alt-rock band. I vividly remember the night I told my mom I was staying with my friend Jessica, and she and I struck out to Memphis to the R.E.M./Indigo Girls show. I wasn’t supposed to be driving to or in Memphis, and I got in major trouble when we got home. Apparently tornado warnings had been issued for the area all night. My mom called Jessica’s to check on us. Jessica’s mom had to tell her I’d driven us to Memphis for a concert. Well…my mom would have never allowed it! (And I went on to get into lots more trouble later that year when I failed to come home at a reasonable hour from ANOTHER concert. But that’s another entry for another

3. Down on the Corner – Creedence Clearwater Revival.

My Dad is a huge fan of CCR, and therefore I became a huge fan of CCR.

4. Authority Song – John Mellencamp.

I don’t have any particular ties to this one, it’s just fun! Fun factoid: this was released during the “John Cougar Mellencamp years”. How funny is it that John Mellencamp chose to name himself after what would later be known as an old slut who ‘dates’ young men exclusively? I can totally see why he dropped it.

5…(appears to have gone missing.)

6. Robot Timberwolves – 100 Monkeys.

Yay! I am so, so, SO very glad this one came up, because they’re perhaps my current favorite band. I don’t get to talk about them nearly as much as I’d like, and now that I have the chance? I’m not even sure how I could describe their sound, but I get just a bit of an early White Stripes vibe from their music. Everyone should DEFINITELY check them out. (Playlist, the ratbastids, didn’t have ANYTHING by these guys. So, go listen at their MySpace. Link above.)

7. Excitable Boy – Warren Zevon.

Oooh. Confession time: I dig metal and shock rock. Like, REALLY dig it. Grew up listening to Kiss, Alice Cooper, Ozzy, etc. I even currently like quite a few black metal bands. Yet average-looking, laid-back-sounding Warren Zevon did what no shock rocker has ever been able to do to me. He shocked me. This particular song scared me. Have you
heard this song? The lyrics still give me the shivers. Well
played, Mr. Zevon! (R.I.P.)

8. A Daisy Chain 4 Satan – My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult.

TKK, in my opinion, is one of the better outfits to come out of Chicago’s industrial scene in the 90s.

9. You Wanted More – Tonic.

I love Tonic. Lyrically, this song isn’t ‘happy’, but the sound of it always puts me in a good mood. Go figure. Tonic will be at our local festival, the Big Spring Jam, this year. I’ve boycotted it since 2002 or so, but this may be the year I head back out there.

10. Balls to the Wall – Accept.

As a true child of the 80s, I loved listening to the glam and hair bands that dominated that era. While Accept are a far cry from a hair band or glam act, this anthemic tune was part of just about every definining teenage moment I had. This was always among the songs I’d play when I needed an extra bit of encouragement or determination or self-confidence.

There ya have it.

(Yes, DSB. There, indeed…!)
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  1. Cheyanne
    April 28, 2016 | 2:36 am

    I like Perry #1 and Jonathan #3I just feel like Perry would have that pretty boy cuteness to him and #2 just looks a li#l&8217; too old. I also see Jonathan as a more gothic pierced guy who is just trying to find himself while he is at Shadow Falls so thats why #3 works for me

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