Last day of Dress Rehearsal, Folks

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And I’m really nervous, y’all.

Last Monday, I got to thinking about music bringing people together. A crazy idea about music and bloggers and community and support began to meld together in my brain, and I threw up this blog. No real expectations, no clearly defined layout – just threw it up to see if it would stick.

Dude. This blog is made of crazy glue.

A week (during which my Mother in Law has been visiting from Texas, by the way) , hundreds of hits and flurries of e-mails later…I’m beginning to see that we may just make a go of this. Heck – imagine what will happen when I figure out what I’m doing and get the word out. Brace yourselves – it’ll be a cacophony of rockin’ goodwill the likes of which these interwebs have not yet seen! (Yeah, I’d never make it in marketing. Kathleen? I may need lessons…)

I’ve had a little time to more clearly define my vision for this lil’ Social Media Networking Experiment, so I thought I’d lay it out again, just so we’re all clear. Tomorrow, I’ll be starting the actual Blogger Guest DJ Shuffles. (not just friends of mine who took pity on me – heh.) Every weekday morning, a new Blogger will be featured. Then, on weekends, I’ll do regular features: Spontaneous Saturday Shout Outs and Sunday’s Pick Up Jam. Music news, featured artists, concert info…artist shuffles if I can get ’em.

This is it, gang – we’re going live! If my crazy plan works, we’ll all be swimming in comments and music in no time…and all feel uplifted as a result.

So, if you’re gonna be Music Savvy with us…here’s what you do:

1. ***Grab a button. Post it on your blog/website sidebar. Wherever you see it in your interwebby travels, stop and comment. (Because, dude – everyone loves comments. We wouldn’t be blogging if we didn’t. Srsly.)

2. ***Stop in every day for more music. That’s right – every weekday, I’ll be posting a new Guest DJ Shuffle from a Blogger who loves music. They’ll all be different – some edgy, some traditional, some AM lite, some hardcore metal. Variety makes the world go round, and a peek at someone’s music is like a peek into their medicine cabinet! (Not that I would EVER do that…)

3. ***Share the love. And by that, I mean COMMENT. We can’t be a community without dialogue…

  • Start here, because I need love as much as anyone – give a shout on the daily shuffle. “Loved it”, “Never heard them before”, “Ri, you’re awesome”…y’know – whatever. Just check in.
  • Click on the links provided to visit the Guest DJ’s Blog and comment there. Because, look – they just stuck their necks out and bared their musical library – they deserve love for that! You may just find your favorite new writer. It’s win-win.
  • Check out your fellow commenter’s blogs. Pick one or two, pop by and tell them if they made you laugh, or gave you new info in their post. Every new contact made means exposure for all, so REACH OUT.

4. ***Shuffle. That’s right. I’m looking at you. Don’t have an iPod? Grab a random handful of CDs and pick a song from each. Listen to the radio and write down your ten favorites in an hour. Do it from memory if it’s been ten years since you HEARD a radio – it’s all good! Don’t be intimidated – join the fun! Then send it on to me. (I swear, I don’t bite. Much.) In fairness, though, Guest DJs will be selected from active commenters, so refer again to #3…

And, there you have it. Whew. I hope to hell this works.

Now the ball is in your court, gang. See you tomorrow morning for “The Big Show”…but I’ll leave you with my attempt at a “Nerve Soothing Shuffle”. (Because Lord knows, I need it…) Got questions about my choices? Comment with them – I’ll answer.

And, if you love it, buy it. Support the artists.

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