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Our own lil’ Focus Group!

First visit to Music Savvy Mom? Awesome! Go HERE quick to get caught up.


Don’t worry – the Guest DJ blogging will resume tomorrow. Got some doozies lined up for this week, too.

But first – I need some feedback. And some help.

First, the feedback. Whatcha think…things are going pretty well, eh? For a blog that was thrown together on a whim, with no prior planning, advertising, expertise or game plan – I’m pretty pleased with the traffic. Got some GREAT regular commenters – (love you guys) – and I’m fairly confident that we’ll get some of you lurkers to chime in eventually, too. 😉 (We’re irresistable like that. AND modest.)

What about the format? Personally I think that doing the Guest DJ Shuffles on weekdays only is good…since folks tend to become scarce on weekends, and that wouldn’t be fair. The problem I’m having, though, is with the weekend filler…

…which brings me to the HELP part. (Notice that smooth segue? Oh, yes…I’m slick.) Now, I could contine with the random ramblings…but, let’s be honest. They’re going to get boring. Because:
  • I’m no expert, and I’ll not claim to have exceedingly broad musical knowledge OR tastes.
  • I have a three year old in the house.
  • Said three year old’s blog has been SORELY neglected. Grandparents may grow restless without more photos soon.
  • I have NO connections.

So, here’s what I’m thinking. What about some of you hopping onboard as contributors? I already see some experts out there whose input would DEFINITELY bring another rich, gooey layer of musical merengue to this fabulous community cake we’re making. There’s Rockers, there’s the Cutting Edge New Music Hounds, there’s the Oldies Gurus, there’s the Alt Country Folksters (well, that would be me, I guess) there’s the Gangsta Rapper. (yeah, BoB, I’m looking at you…) and lots of other frustrated Music Writers just WAITING to be asked. Disco? Funk? Jazz? Caribbean Fusion? Chamber Music? We want you.


We could rotate the weekend “duties” – what would it end up to be, one post every two months if enough wanted in? Just think what diversity we’d have! I’ll keep posting the weekday shuffles, and keep everything on schedule, and you’d be free to pop in and post about whatever Music “stuff” your lil’ heart desires! And…just think how many MORE Guest DJ Shufflers we’d have, if each of us were spreading the word to our own Bloggy Friends?!?

…which brings me to yet ANOTHER point. (told you I was smooth with the segues. heh.) We need new Guest DJ’s, folks, for this crazy scheme to keep working. We need to cast a broad net here and get the word out…because, well see the last point in the bullet list above. *sigh* Right now, I’m set until…um…the first week in August. I know, I know…I’m tryin’!

Now, don’t worry – I’ll keep up the status quo if there are NO kind souls out there who are willing to jump in and team up. But I GENUINELY think that things can only get better if we become a conglomerate instead of a sole proprietorship.

So, I’ll be anxiously awaiting emails, folks, and listening to my custom selected playlist below whilst nail-biting and Scotch drinking. Consider it benevolent volunteerism on your part. It’s good for the soul.

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