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Spontaneous Saturday Shout Outs

First visit to Music Savvy Mom? Awesome! Go HERE quick to get caught up.


Spontaneous Saturday Shout Outs: wherein I scour the Blogosphere to find faboo Mama Bloggers with kickin’ taste in music and flatter them shamelessly in the hopes of getting a shuffle.
What? Don’t judge me.

Lindsay at Rock and Roll Mama is my new BFF, y’all.
We’ve decided that we may actually be sisters separated at birth, but now I’m resentful that she evidently got all the “polished and professional” genes. Seriously – go check out her blog. Holy crap in a basket. It’s teh awesome. (If you think that was a typo, you really need to see moar Lolcats.)

What’s awesom-er is the warm, enthusiastic welcome she’s given Music Savvy Mom. E-mails were flying back and forth like mad. We couldn’t ask for a more hearty “thumbs up”, and I really needed it this week. See how music makes everything better? Hot Damn. Thanks, Lindsay.


So, last night I spent an hour or so bleeting. (Bleeting. That’s blipping songs on Blip.fm and tweeting on Twitter simultaneously.) I have been doing both for a while as ‘me’ (mbolaughlin. add me if you want), but thought I should probably get some time in as The Music Savvy Mom…mainly because I have them added to the sidebar, and had NO followers yet. How embarassing.

Luckily, a few folks were still up at 2:45 am, and I started seeing a new “follower” here and there. Being the sweetheart that I am, I clicked over to “follow” them back, when I came across Devilish Southern Belle. After reading just one post, I left this comment, which should tell you all you need to know about her kick-assedness (okay, that one I made up):

“OMG, I’ve looked at your blog for five minutes and I LOVE you already! Let’s
just run off and go to concerts. Whaddaya say – deal? (At the very least –
PUHLEASE send me a shuffle – you have to be a Guest DJ!!!)


I’m pleased to announce that BOTH of them will be Guest Shuffling for you very, very soon. See how easy that was? Now, start sending me your shuffles, people. You’re in VERY good company.

Here’s a mix from my Sub-Library entitled “Housecleaning Music”. It shall be my soundtrack for this afternoon, because I seriously have to get my clean on around here…ugh.

Have a great day, and as always – if you love it, buy it!

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2 Responses to Spontaneous Saturday Shout Outs
  1. B.o.B.
    July 11, 2009 | 4:22 pm

    site's lookin' good. coming along quite nicely music mama.

  2. Devilish Southern Belle
    July 11, 2009 | 7:19 pm

    Okay, this just ROCKS! Franz Ferdinand? Double Dutch Bus (I totally used to skate to that one all the time!)? Pogues? Elvis Costello? And Mr. Zevon? I think you have my heart now. For realz.

    Thanks for the shout-out! I will be shouting out about this site very soon; will probably be tomorrow night, though, so it can be seen by everyone Monday. The blogosphere is a ghost town on weekends!

    (currently listening to Situation – Yaz)

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