The British Are Coming!

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So, here’s a bit of insight into the stream of consciousness, Kevin Bacon-y (I love that expression) way that I discover & enjoy new music. This time, it just happens to be mainly new British folk-rock, but invariably it happens the same way, regardless of the genre. I now recount to you the past three hours of my evening:

The other day, during some Googling, I came across a review of Laura Marling. Made a mental note to check her out…which I did finally tonight. OMG. I LOVE this kid. I say kid, because believe it or not – she is only eighteen years old. (Yeah – stop and listen, then come back – it will mean more then.)
This is not the voice, nor the songwriting of a typical eighteen year old. This is an old soul with depth. Take THAT, Hannah Montana. The purity of her tone is just gold, yet her lyrics are completely digestible and unpretentious. See, she is exactly the reason I’m going to get my ass to SXSW next year, come hell or high water.

Now, as you will see in Wikipedia…this lil’ gal makes good use of her time. She was featured on some tracks for the Mystery Jets, was a member of Noah and the Whale (think Saturn commercial – that catchy song with the whistling), and has done some duets/covers with Johnny Flynn.

So, I go immediately from Wikipedia to, where I can hear full length versions of songs. While listening, I bop back and forth from one band wiki to the next, which sets me to thinking thusly:
“Well, I discovered Johnny Flynn on my own last year – fLOVE him! Now,let’s see about these Mystery Jet people…ha – catchy. Quirky. I like them! Okay, Noah and the Whale I heard about from my buddy in London, Hannah (aka The High Chancellor of New Music), but hadn’t looked much farther than that 5 Years Time song. Lemme see….okay…also quirky, but musically very nicely layered. I’m digging!”
Now, thinking about Hannah gets me to remembering other music she’s clued me in about, which leads me to The Doubtful Guest. AWESOME band from Bath, England…I love them. The song “Moment of the Year” is a go-to fave, as is “Way of Not”…and “Cleveland”…and “Head on Backwards.” They hit spots inside of me that are tender…and rock them. What can I say? *sigh*
So, from that, I bounce to another artist that Hannah has mentioned a few times…matter of fact, I have to go and check her Facebook to remember the dude’s name.
Oh. Sufferin’ Cheeses on Toast. Henceforth and evermore, I shall stop what I am doing INSTANTLY to check out any music that Hannah sends my way. Good gravy. By the third listen of “Kitty Jay”, I was a quivering mess. (well, okay, I must admit to watching the video simultaneously. He’s not hard to look at, our Seth.)
Banjo, violin, guitar, viola…this kid is TALENTED as well as drop dead gorgeous. When I further discovered that he’d toured with Billy Bragg…well, you can just imagine my delight. Do yourself a favor. Go to You Tube and watch this kid in action on stage. Here, I’ll even link you.
Never mind. I’ll embed it.

Enjoy, my friends, and if you love it, buy it – even if you have to do it in British Pounds! And tell me…how do YOU discover new music?

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  1. Dora
    April 28, 2016 | 2:24 am

    January 3, 2009 aww… sad but so true… I just met some new friends the last few days, and I know th28l#ye17;&l be leaving soon. It’s difficult because you just get used to their presence, but you just have to move on… Friendships suck!!! Lolz

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