You’re gonna kick yourself when you see these…

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…I mean, really. There is absolutely NOTHING cutting edge about this playlist. I’ll admit to skipping over some of my more obscure and much newer music because I wanted to encourage participation…and, if I didn’t know the first line of the song by heart, it got skipped – lol. In doing all that, I’ve evidently outed myself as a fan of Fossil Pop & AM Gold. I promise, though – I can rock, too!!

(But, on the plus side, I don’t have to make one to clean house by today…this should do nicely.)

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Ri’s Lyrics Shuffle

1. Sha la la la la la, my lady…in the sun with your hair undone (omg. how embarassing.)
Thunder Island – Jay Ferguson. Oh, the shame. *sigh*
2. The lights are on, but you’re not home…your mind is not your own
Addicted to Love – Robert Palmer. I loved Robert Palmer. Everykind of People is still a favorite. He was much more than just this song.
3. I walk 47 miles of barbed wire, I use a cobra snake for a necktie
Who Do You Love – George Thoroughgood. I can never decide if I really LIKE George. But, much as I love Bo Diddley…I do prefer this version. (Of course – Townes Van Zandt’s is my fave.)
4. I used to rule the world, seas would rise when I gave the word
Viva la Vida – Coldplay. I don’t like much Coldplay. Actually…I think it’s just this song.
5. Two feets they come up creepin’ like a black cat do
Saturday Night Special – Lynyrd Skynyrd. Yep, Tiff. We Southern girls know this stuff. (And yes, people – Virginia IS the South. Especially Southern VA, where I am.)
6. It ain’t easy livin’ like a gypsy, tell you honey how I feel
Mama Kin – Aerosmith. Ahhhh, Joe Perry. Humina.
7. Rumor been spreadin’ round the nice Texas town…
La Grange – ZZ Top. “They got a lotta nice girls out there…”
8. I was alone, I took a ride, I didn’t know what I would find there
Got to Get You Into My Life – Earth, Wind and Fire. Seriously..? The Beatles did this? (I’m being facetious.) THIS is the definitive version of the song for me. The horns make it.
9. Hello, there my old friend…not so long ago it was ’til the end
Life By the Drop – Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble. I don’t know what it is, but I just love this song. Oh, wait – it’s Stevie Ray! *sigh* RIP.
10. I’ve heard that too much of anything isn’t good…but, I don’t know about that (spoken)
Can’t Get Enough of Your Love – Barry White. NO ONE got this? pfffft.
11. It’s a difficult responsibility that you accept from the number one lawmaker: me.

No More Toymakers to the King – Burgermeister Meisterburger. Can you BELIEVE didn’t have this? This is a CLASSIC. (And yes…I have them all. Nick at Night’s Cartoon Christmas – great CD. A must for any Rankin-Bass enthusiast! (God, I am such a nerd…)

12. Never knew how much I loved you…never knew how much I cared.
Fever – Ray Charles with Natalie Cole. I don’t really like her. meh. LOVED Ray, though.
13. With the money from her accident, she bought herself a mobile home so at least she could get some enjoyment out of being alone.
Levi Stubbs Tears – Billy Bragg. Oh, how I love Billy Bragg! And, this – the album version – was done in one take, just him and an electric guitar. Mmmmmmagic.
14. These are the days of the open hand; they may not be the last.
Praying for Time – George Michael. What? Hey, I graduated from High School in 1985. I don’t care WHAT bathroom they found GM in, or what he was doing…he’ll always be great to me. Just, shhh, you.
15. I remember when, I remember when I lost my mind.
Crazy – Ray LaMontagne. This is my favorite version of this song. Next would be Jason Castro’s, then Shawn Colvin’s. I actually don’t like the original by Gnarls Barkley. Weird, huh?
16. I called you so many times today, and I guess it’s all true what your girlfriends say – that you don’t ever want to see me again, and your brother’s gonna kill me and he’s six feet ten. (I freaking love that line.)
Can’t Stand Losing You – The Police. Okay, so this, “Driven to Tears” and “Bed’s Too Big Without You” are my FAVORITE Police songs. One each from Zenyatta Mondatta, Regatta de Blanc and Outlandos d’Amour. I ask you – could there BE any better album titles? I think not.
17. How can people be so heartless…how can people be so cruel?
Easy to Be Hard – Three Dog Night. Okay, so I’m 41…and I have two sisters and a brother who are six, eight and ten years older. Some shit rubbed off.
18. A strong man feels weak in the still heat of the day…nothin’ is black or white, just a hazy gray.
I Will Walk With You – Bruce Hornsby and the Range. Bruce is from Wmsburg, just up the road from me. Hometown hero. They didn’t have this one, so I substituted another fave – “The Valley Road.”
19. Sometimes I don’t know where this dirty road is takin’ me…sometimes I can’t even see the reason why.
Waiting Around to Die – Townes Van Zandt. Well, with the amount of Townes that I have on my computer, it’s no wonder one came up. But, I’ve learned my lesson after last Sunday’s debacle. *ahem* So…we’ll say no more about it.
20. In the mornin’ you go gunnin’ for the man who stole your water…and you fire till he is done in, but they catch you at the border.
Do it Again – Steely Dan. Okay, HOW can anyone not like this song? Maracas & a smooth funk baseline. And, I always giggle like a twelve year old boy when I think of what Steely Dan was ostensibly named after…
21. Marmalade’s from Scotland, rugs from Pakistan…Mexico has jumping beans and cars are from Japan.
Where Do They Make Balloons? – They Might Be Giants. Liam LOVES, loves TMBG. And, really – why not? They bring up a valid question, here.
22. Can’t help my feelings, I’ll go out of my mind.
Hash Pipe – Weezer. Let the jamming out begin.
23. Take me now, baby here as I am…hold me close and try and understand.
Because the Night – 10,000 Maniacs. I so wanted to be Natalie Merchant when I was in college. (Not that that has anything to do with anything…)
24. A boy is born in hardtime Missisippi surrounded by four walls that ain’t so pretty.
Living for the City – Stevie Wonder. One of my favorite SW songs.
25. You can run on for a long time…run on for a long time…run on for a long time.

God’s Gonna Cut You Down – Johnny Cash. Now if this don’t make you want to run to Sunday Meetin’, I don’t know what will…

…and five more, with my own rules, because I’m having fun:
26. When I woke up this morning, things were looking bad. Seems like total silence was the only friend I had. A bowl of oatmeal tried to stare me down – and won.
Illegal Smile – John Prine. NO John Prine fans out there? Hogwash, I say. Y’all come out and play with me, or I’ll be forced to write to Dear Abby. (See, a John Prine fan would totally get that…)
27. You were the girl that changed my world…you were the girl for me. You lit my fuse…I stand confused. You were the first for me.
You Dropped a Bomb on Me – Gap Band. More funk. I love it.
28. Some folks are born made to wave the flag…oh, the red white and blue. And when the band plays Hail to the Chief, oh they point the cannon at you , Lord.
Fortunate Son – CCR (Cat Power cover.) Well, whattaya know, DSB? I found the Cat Power version! Sound sucks on this one, but at least you can say now you’ve heard it. WHEW! Thank cheeses for a narrowly missed flogging…
29. People say I’m crazy…doin’ what I’m doin’. Well they give me all kinds of warnings…to save me from ruin.

Watching the Wheels – John Lennon. This is probably my favorite Lennon song. (and I really dislike Imagine…I know, I’m blasphemous.)

30. I don’t care if Monday’s blue, Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday too. Thursday, I don’t care about you…

Friday I’m in Love – The Cure. Robert Smith is awesome. That. is. all.

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