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Free and Legal Music Monday: From Artists, With Love

First visit to Music Savvy Mom? Awesome! Go HERE quick to get caught up.
This week’s Free and Legal music is direct from the Artists. From their websites. Now, how much more “above board” can you get?
(Click on the artist name for the link directly to the download page.)

Tori Amos: Maybe California
You have to register for her e-mail list, but get the download immediately.
They Might Be Giants: Withered Hope
Traded all three downloads for one email address. Sweet!

Moby: Shot in the Back of the Head
Moby’s top selling song in iTunes…even though it’s been free for download on his website for months…and still is. Didn’t even have to sign up for anything. Hmmmmmmm….
I’m thinking that Moby is crazy. Crazy like a bald fox!
Radiohead: These Are My Twisted Words
In case you missed your chance when we talked about it last week. Direct link from the Radiohead site – no signing up.

Nine Inch Nails: The Slip (ENTIRE ALBUM)
Yep. 100% free, for the paltry sum of one email addy. Woot.
Now, bear in mind that these just happen to be a few that I ran across tonight, in my frantic “holycraptomorrowisMondayalready?” panic. I’m SURE there are more. Let me know where they are, will you? Help a sister out. Share.
And another thing! [begin minirant] I’m not seeing any TRADITIONAL COUNTRY MUSIC up in here. Not much RAP. Hardly any ELECTRONICA. Y’know why? ‘Cause I don’t listen to much of that. (okay, any.) But, that doesn’t mean that it’s not welcomed with open arms, people! [/minirant]
I KNOW that some of you are loathe to send me your shuffles because you think what comes up won’t “jive” (hey, look, I made a music funny!) with what you’ve seen here so far. Know what I have to say to that? PFFFFFFTTTTT! Diversity is the spice of life, ladies. You love Toby Keith? OWN IT, sister. You’d pay WAY more to see 5o Cent? Tell us why! Stop lurking and worrying – GET IN THE GAME and PLAY with us. Hey, I have Burt Bacharach AND Barry Manilow in this computer – I’m not ashamed! (Says the gal who included Roger Miller in the last Interactive Playlist…see my point?)
And speaking of shuffles – they’re back tomorrow, kidlets, so be here bright and early with your coffee for Magpie Musings.
(got that from Rock and Roll Mama. Don’t have any more idea what that means than I do about WOOT! Ah, well…)
Now, go download. But only the Free and Legal ones.

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