Guest DJ: Susan from West of Mars

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Okay, I am not the slightest bit ashamed to tell you that West of Mars confuses the ever loving shit out of me. And THAT. is. AWESOME.

See, first of all, I’m not generally all that easily confused, so when I am, right away it’s a challenge. I flove a challenge, dude. So, when I REALLY got the time to start reading over at Susan’s site, initially it was as if I’d been smacked in the face with a glove and called out for a duel. Okay, there’s a blog…AND an online book about a fictional band…? And Character Backgrounds? AND a discography…complete with Album Cover Art??

Oh, yes, Susan Helene Gottfried…it was ON. So, I jumped in and read. And page hopped. And re-read. And got hooked. The layers and detail of the fictional world just suck you in, and then an unexpected glimpse into Susan’s real life snaps you back…but just long enough to make you realize that you want the fictional fix again.

Downright friggin’ masterful.

Remember way back…oh, week before last, when I said she’d created a world in which any of us would have thrown our 21-year-old self’s bra onstage to live in? (okay, I didn’t say that, but I should have.) Well, go. Live vicariously. Rock out with ShapeShifter.

You know you want to.

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Verve — BitterSweet Symphony
(know how long it took before I realized this was the Stones song? Don’t ask. It’s embarrassing.)

Staind — So Far Away
(What I’m actually listening to. It’s … fine.)

Killer Dwarfs — Keep the Spirit Alive
(WTF??? Worst of all, I remember this record cover from when I was at the radio station. Definitely WTF.)

Strike Anywhere — Instinct
(Don’t know a darn thing about this band or song.)

Dave Matthews Band — Crash Into Me
(I don’t get the hoopla. They’re got, but they ain’t Metallica.)

Megadeth — Head Crusher
(Dave, let that whole First Band thing go. You’ve got a distinctive voice that we’d have never heard if you hadn’t been axed by them.)

Ozzy Osbourne — Crazy Train
(The classic!)

Steve Winwood — The Finer Things
(Yep, I still groove to this one, all these years later. Good songs transcend genre and time.)

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