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Guest DJs: Ri’s (Tipsy) Sister in Law and Husband

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It’s our last night in Texas.

My Sister in Law Megan just took us out for a ginormous steak dinner, during which we started on the Margaritas. We’re now home, Liam is tucked in bed, and we are continuing with the Margaritas.
(For what it’s worth, Megan makes REALLY good Margaritas. Yummo.) Which brings us to the “Ri’s Family Margarita Mix.”
We’ve had a great time listening to this mostly Texas Alt/Outlaw Country Mix. (We threw Prince in there as a nod to Minnesota, home of the Pater Familias – my Father in Law.)
We’ll miss the Lone Star State and Big D, but will be glad to get home and back to the swing of things. Miss y’all. Now, crack open the tequila and cointreau, slice some limes and join us for a Family Shuffle.

And of course, if you love it, buy it – we want no starving musicians on our collective conscience.

Standalone player
England 2, Colombia Nil: Kirsty MacColl
Okay, not Texan, nor country. Kirsty MacColl, John Prine and my sister in law Megan all share a birthday. And they all kick ass. So, there you go. Megan wanted Kirsty’s “A New England” but the ratbastids at playlist.com didn’t have it. Sabotage, I say.

When Doves Cry: Prince
Megan says “Best Pop Song EVER”. I’m SO not arguing with her…because I want another Margarita. (Well, and because I like it, too. Not saying “Best”, but that’s just because I hold my cards close to the vest.)

Get Right With God: Lucinda Williams
Annie Savoy (from “Bull Durham”) says “I believe in the Church of Baseball”. Megan says “I believe in the Church of Lucinda Williams”. I think that may explain why we all missed Mass yesterday…

Choctaw Bingo: James McMurtry
Megan says this one isn’t safe to listen to at work. She saw James with her drunk friend Erin, who laughed inappropriately at sad songs and thought he was hot. (Megan says he’s talented, but needs to shower more than once a month…)

Four Leaf Clover: Old 97’s
I love old 97’s, and this song. Megan says it’s the story of everyone’s life – still drunk, still a loser. Boy, she’s just a big vat of happy tonight, eh?

The Captain: Kasey Chambers
Megan refused to comment on this one, as she says it has just dawned on her how sad her life is…to which hubs replied “Well, nobody remembers happy songs!” And we all cracked up.

Seven Nights in Eire: Reckless Kelly
This one should speak for itself, as we all have an O’ last name. And they’re from Texas, like hubs’ family. And Megan says the lead singer (Willy Braun) is Hooooooootttttt…

Mr. Wolf and Mamabear: Robert Earl Keen
Hubs says you can’t go wrong with REK. Megan agrees, but ads that you shouldn’t let your kids listen to this one. (She’s a great role model…I swear.)

I’m In!: Radney Foster
What’s not to like about this song – it’s happy! And Radney is playing on Sept 4 at Love and War in Texas, which is where we just ate dinner. And hubs says that unlike James McMurtry, Radney looks like he bathes and takes care of himself. (Which produced many more chuckles and guffaws. We’ve now switched to beer, btw…)

Anyhow I Love You: Guy Clark
Just one of the sweetest songs EVER. (And Dublin Blues wasn’t available…)
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