Hijacked! Rock and Roll Mama took over the blog…

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Just for one day. Because MSM has been being such a rockstar working her video magics for me (because I am technically not so skilled, and she is el geniuso), I thought I would leave her a wake up surprise of…well, a vodka commercial, really.

Nothing says “Moms Who Love Music” to me like a little drinky-drinky in the morning. And believe me, people, I know of whence I speak. (OK, I really don’t anymore, but let a girl dream back to her Sid and Nancy days- you know, the ones pre-Ozzie and Harriet.)

But this is no mere vodka commercial. No, folks, this is also an A-Number-1 Rap song- one that will get in your head and Just.Won’t.Leave. It’s that funny. Pretty much safe for work, as long as you’re cool peeing your pants there. And watching your boss do a funky chicken dance.

Have fun, y’all. Don’t forget to put some Smirnoff in your coffee, and MSM will I’m sure come back with real music with the quickness.:) xoxo, Lindsay (aka Rockandrollmama)

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