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Y’all, I feel like Jed Clampett…about fifteen minutes after he saw that geyser of Texas Tea erupting from the spot just past where he’d been shootin’ at some food.
(And if you didn’t get THAT reference…*sigh*… well, I just don’t know what to tell you.)

Why Jed, you ask? Well folks, we have done struck gold. L.A Stylist Mom REALLY IS ONE. No, you brain trusts…not a hillbilly – a PROFESSIONAL STYLIST from Los Angeles. Pre-kiddos she dressed musicians, bands, actors and actresses, socialites…post-kiddos, she’s sharing this knowledge with other Mamas who don’t want to let go of their grasp of fashion to grasp a Diaper Bag. Her blog is filled with great style finds, killer deals and…and…she actually answers QUESTIONS – all with a very comfortable, relaxed vibe. It’s like if your BFF (who stands in the Nordstrom’s dressing room with you and yaps away at why no jeans will ever fit you because one of your hips is two inches higher than the other) had tact and actually knew what she was talking about. That’s LASM. She truly wants Moms to hold on to their passion for fashion.

Dude – she’s like the STYLE version of ME. (Okay, I’m WAY stretching with that one. I should be so lucky. But, in theory, we are TOTALLY sympatico!)

Now, one might expect a woman who has been paid to tell Rock Stars what clothes to put on and take off to be a tad smug. Eliteist, perhaps. Even snotty. (Think what’s her name who’s always yakking when I’m trying to watch Clinton Kelly). Well, prepare to have your preconceived stereotypicisms (yeah, I made that up, but I love it, and will use it from now on) BLOWN out of the water. LASM is sweet, genuine, down to earth, funny and – well, she could be the living, breathing version of a jar of Nutella.

Seriously – she contacted me with the warmest, most enthusiastic note, a formatted playlist AND liner notes made of total win. When I completely geeked out about her “past life” and asked for some juicy scoop, she remained sweet yet totally professional – no names, and enough tidbits to satiate.

She’s good, I tell you…very, very good. 😉


The Scoop:

1. AC/DC is the nicest and easiest band that I’ve ever worked with. Polite, quiet, punctual, easy going, and generally lovely all around. The Young brothers are two of the most sweet, soft spoken human beings I have ever met! As a stylist, how can you not love someone that shows up w/ their own outfit (Angus, of course)?? In the trailer between takes, Brian Johnson was reading a non-fiction book called, “Great Welsh Battles,” which he could not wait to discuss. They rule it.

2. A certain talented and revered “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul” seems to be quite grumpy and aloof.

3. I once worked w/ a rapper turned producer famous for his grill, and an obnoxious sound he made that became his trademark (complete with a doll that made the same obnoxious sound when you would squeeze it). We were shooting in the middle of nowhere CA desert, where he rolled up in a huge limo – posse in tow – threw open the door and proceeded to proclaim loudly, “Where da bitches at?!” Dreamy.

4. The super scary lead singer of a death metal band, is in reality such a whiny little girl, he could scarcely get through a night shoot because he was ‘soooooo tired’ not to mention obsessed with looking ‘fat’ on camera.

5. A spiky haired, blond, British, sex symbol turned crooner cannot get enough Prada.

(I will TOTALLY not sleep tonight, trying to figure these out…sigh…~Ri)
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The Shuffle:
Led Zeppelin – Tangerine:
Probably – no definitely my fave Zep song of all time. One of the original rock ballads – kills me every time, not to mention the music in it is so gorgeous.

Derek and the Dominoes – Little Wing:

Although the Hendrix version is the real deal (and the best in my opinion), this lesser known take is incredible in it’s own right. People always forget about Duane Allman when they’re having the ‘Best Guitarist That Ever Lived’ argument (probably because he died so young). Listen for it – it’s so clear and beautiful it almost sounds like a voice…I’m gushing. But it does.

Doves – Black and White Town:

You gotta dig a song about the porn industry, set to a catchy little dance beat reminiscent of General Public.

Jeff Buckley – Lover You Should Have Come Over:

Gather round kids, this is a biggie. This is just one of my ‘desert island’ albums. (Yes, I still say album b/c on my desert there will be turntables…next.) You’ve probably heard the ‘Hallelujah’ cover, but this deeper track is amazing, besides – how can you not love an artist that wrote the words, “Lilac wine is sweet and heady, like my love?” If you have a spare sec Google Tim and Jeff Buckley. *shiver*

Joni Mitchell – A Case Of You:

The master. She just is. And she was like 24 when she wrote this. She manages to fit words in where they don’t even fit, and it works! Try to sing along, I dare you…

The Pixies – Hey:

I had an almost visceral reaction to this song the first time I heard it.

Shudder to Think – She Might Be Waking Up:

Not like anything else Shudder To Think has done. Amazing lyrics. Listen closely.

Chris Cornell – Sunshower:

I was never a Soundgarden fan. Ever. But when he went out on his own I couldn’t get enough. Be sure to check out Euphoria Morning as well.

Kings of Leon – My Third House:

You’ll probably turn this off saaay…nine seconds in…? Don’t. It’s the perfect mix of hard and soft, fast and slow – it’s actually really carefully and beautifully played between those crazy fast riffs (which I incidentally adore). I love the lyric “You blow me away, when you don’t try.” KOL are much more than just ‘Sex On Fire’ (not their best work by a long shot). If you haven’t already, be sure to check out ‘Holy Roller Novocaine’ and ‘Youth And Young Manhood’. You will not be disappointed.

Cream – Badge:

If you don’t know why it’s so amazing, I’m not going to explain it. And I mean that in the most loving of ways.
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  1. Alice Audrey
    September 13, 2009 | 11:20 am

    You’re right. I saw Badge and skipped right through My Third House. I’ll give it another try.
    .-= Alice Audrey´s last blog ..Okra Bowl =-.

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