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(If you have no idea WHAT I’m talking about in this post, you need to go back one.  Be sure to read the comments…)


Okay – here goes.  See below for a playlist with songs inspired by the Q and A.  This was probably WAY more fun for me than it will be for you…but thanks for playing along.  Y’all are aces.

And, Melisa… I’m guessing either a loaf of Wonder Bread or a set of Steak Knives, depending on how the economy is doing that day. 😉


(Just so you know, I’m pretending every one of you is James Lipton from Inside the Actor’s Studio while I answer these. Or maybe James Lipton as played by Will Ferrell on Saturday Night Live. Either way.)

La Mere Joie asks:

Q.  What would you save if your house was burning down, after all the people and animals were safe of course.

A. Nope, Dawn – not the Victrola…although I may reach in and grab the old 78rpm record of Mom singing “My Hero” and “The Donkey Serenade” with Uncle Joe – the one they recorded in 1946-ish.  Sidebar:  my Mom had a fabulous voice – was asked by a stage producer to come to New York and sing Wagnerian Opera when she was 16.  My Italian Grandmother put the kibosh on that though, and there went any dreams she may have had of singing professionally.  She could make all the folks who sat around us in church stop singing and listen in amazement, though. *sigh*.  My mama.  You can read more about her here.

Okay, so where were we?  Oh, yes – dude, I would save the computers!  Laptop under one arm, desktop CPU under the other, backup hard drive under my chin.  That way in one fell swoop, I’d have saved all our family photos (new and old – I’ve scanned them in) and all the music.  Everything else can be replaced, right?

Playlist song:  We Are Gonna Be Friends:  White Stripes (from Napoleon Dynamite).  I wanted “I Love Technology” from the same movie, but they didn’t have it.  harumph.

Q.  What is your biggest peeve?  The one that makes you cringe and snarl?

A.  Well,  my darling husband would tell you that my biggest peeve is how whilst tossing and turning, he manages to un-tuck the top sheet ALL THE WAY – and how I HAVE to get up and fix it in the middle of the night or I can’t sleep.  Lord, how I HATE un-tucked sheets.  OMG, I’m grinding my teeth right now just thinking about it.

But,that’s not it.

My actual biggest peeve is when people make a point to argue with facts.  Not intangibles – I get that, and it really doesn’t bother me…when things are not concrete then we’re all entitled to our opinions, right?  BUT – when something is a proven fact, and I’m giving you a very lucid, thorough and complete explanation of those facts – quite often with proven citations, you are NOT allowed to argue.  Dude.  They’re FACTS. (And, this may be the Ex Analyst in me coming out…) It drives me batshit insane.  (Yes, Kirk Cameron, I’m looking at you and your crocoduck. )

Not that I’ve ever actually argued  with Kirk Cameron…yet.

Playlist Song:  Bloody Well Right – Supertramp

Sound Check Mama asks:

Q.  Who the heck is Ben Murphy?!

A.  Well, my little girl self thought he was the incarnation of Adonis walking the Earth…and, if I delve further into his life or career beyond Alias Smith and Jones, that image may become tarnished.  This. cannot. happen.

So, Tiffani, I present to you the Pilot Episode (Which also features another childhood favorite, Earl Holliman.  He was right up there with James Garner for me.  Now that I think about it…I was an odd child.) Anyway – Ben Murphy. Dare you not to swoon.

Playlist Song:  Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head:  BJ Thomas (from the “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” Soundtrack.  Naturally.

Q.  How did you come to like TVZ?  (Townes Van Zandt)

A.  Well…hang on, I think I wrote this somewhere…oh, yeah.  Here you go. 😉  But, in direct answer to your question…back when my husband and I were dating, I asked him if there was a song that made him think of me.  (Yeah, yeah – tell me you weren’t just as sappy.  Hush.) He played me “(Quicksilver Daydreams of) Maria” .  That was it – I fell in love with Brian AND Townes.  Then, years later when I hit a patch of depression, I really dove into his music.  It helped. 😉

Playlist Song:  Where I Lead Me – Townes Van Zandt

Thepeachy1 wants to know:

Q.  Ok so I am a humongo fan lustful stalker of alias smith and jones, and thought I was alone in this world. so the questions are… bo or luke? ferris or cameron? Andrew Clark or John Bender… yes this will help me to find out if we are actually the same person…

A.  Absolutely, unequivocally and without apology, I say Luke.  Bo was a Nancy-boy.  Ferris?  Pffffft.  Cameron all the way – oh, my…all that pent up frustration…humina.  (He actually bore a striking resemblance to my boyfriend Senior year. Striking, I tell you.)  And I’m sorry to change the game, but I can help you with neither Andrew Clark nro John Bender.  Those two wouldn’t have cooked my vegetables.  (Bender’s unlaced boots would have nixed him outright, and Clark’s ridiculous dance-thingie?  Oh, good LORD.)  Nope, I’d have sidled up to Brian Johnson (pictured) and we’d talk about how “without trigonometry, there’d be no engineering“…heheheheheh. 😉

Playlist Song:  Don’t You Forget About Me – Simple Minds

Lisa inquires:

Q.  Questions…..let’s see. (1) First song you fell in love with and–I’m guessing we’re somewhere around the same age–taped off the radio so you could have it on cassette. (2) My attempt at Baba Wawa: If you could have 3 singers/musicians over for dinner, who would they be and what would you feed them?

A.  “Do You Feel Like We Do?” – Peter Frampton:  Frampton Comes Alive.  I was nine or ten, and had an embarrassingly humongous crush on him.  Dude, I saw that piece of crap movie “Sgt Pepper” eight times. (Incidentally, my favorite Bee Gee was Robin.) I cannot believe I just admitted these things on the interwebs. *facepalm*

Playlist Song:  Do You Feel Like We Do? – Peter Frampton.  It’s 14 minutes long – just so you know.

B.  I’m assuming the standard “living or dead” applies here, so I would be dining with:

Townes Van Zandt. He’d of course bring along buddies Guy Clark and Steve Earlewithout telling me they were coming. He was spontaneous like that.  (All would be their circa 1971 selves.) We’d have some great Texas Barbecue and Beer. They’d crash in the fully furnished three bedroom bunk house on my Ranch for four or five months, then go on tour.  They’d send me postcards from every stop, sweet boys that they were.

Playlist Songs:  High, Low and In Between:  Townes Van Zandt; Anyhow I Love You:  Guy Clark; Copperhead Road:  Steve Earle.

Eric Clapton, who would bring George Harrison along uninvited.  (Again – only one counts.  I cannot be held responsible for the questionable manners of MegaRockStars.  They’re enigmatic.) For some reason, I feel like I’d want to have brunch with them…so maybe Bubbles and Squeak with lots of tea.  Then of course, they’d stay all afternoon as they serenaded me while lounging by my sparkling crystal clear pool with the waterfall that overlooks the ocean, so we’d be hungry again by dinnertime…at which point I’d serve my homemade lasagna.  They’d LOVE it.

Playlist Songs:  While My Guitar Gently Weeps:  Eric Clapton and George Harrison; Layla (Unplugged Version) : Eric Clapton;  Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth):  George Harrison.

Billy Bragg, who would of course bring Kirsty MacColl.  They’d come at Christmastime.  Shane MacGowan would crash the party around dessert, but he’d pass out pretty quickly, so I’d have to wait until morning to talk to him.  We’d have Guinness.  It’s a meal in itself.

Playlist Songs:  The Milkman of Human Kindness:  Billy Bragg; In These Shoes:  Kirsty MacColl; Rainy Night in Soho:  The Pogues (written and preformed by Shane MacGowan); Fairytale of New York:  The Pogues with Kirsty MacColl.

(Look.  If I can have fictitious dinners, I can have a fictitious Ranch and fictitious pool and waterfall at a fictitious fabulous house.  The Guinness, of course, is real…but I’d be coming from a fictitious Keg-o-rater under my custom built marble bar…naturally.)


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11 Responses to Answers.
  1. Anonymous
    March 28, 2010 | 12:51 am

    Those are some awesome answers! I love your dinner guests and your faux ranch. It’s really nice there! 🙂 I want to share a Guinness too!

    My dh can’t sleep with the sheets tucked in either- what’s with these men?

    And in my former life I used to be a spin master- (of the facts). Found an * solves most problems of validity. Not my idea/choice though.

    • LaMereJoie
      March 28, 2010 | 12:53 am

      How did I suddenly become anoymous? It’s me, she says waving! J’suis ici! Something happened there! Sorry!

  2. thepeachy1
    March 28, 2010 | 12:52 am

    HOLY CRAPOLA Batman, the Andrew Clark or John Bender was a trick question.. so yeah I am afraid we were separated at birth, other than the fact my first taped off the radio song was actually 2 songs, “On the radio” and “Who can it be now” I had to play it back on my cassette player like 30 times to get all the words and accent proper. yeah ok you scare me you scare me in a creepy holy crap where was my dad when you were conceived kinda way.

  3. AspiringOne
    March 28, 2010 | 4:57 am

    RT @MusicSavvyMom: New Post: Your Questions = My Answers. Coordinating Playlist…natch. http://ow.ly/1rJm5

  4. Melisa with one s
    March 28, 2010 | 8:46 am

    Bloody Well Right!! GOOD ONE! Love that song.

    And don’t you be dissin’ my Ferris! He’s way more fun than Cameron, which explains why the movie isn’t called “Cameron Frye’s Day Off”. But I’m in total agreement with you on Brian Johnson. 🙂
    .-= Melisa with one s´s last blog ..It Was A Great (Evan Lysacek) Day For A Rally =-.

  5. Jenn
    March 28, 2010 | 11:12 am

    Ri thank you so much for putting that crocoduck clip up! I am teaching a class on Evolution vs. Creationism, and while I have fab clips from “Religulous” I have been looking for that exact clip to add in. 😀

    Great answers and music too by the way 😉 I actually learned some new things about you (and your Mom– that was fascinating, have you ever found a way to digitally record that record, I would love to hear her voice!)

  6. Sound Check Mama
    March 28, 2010 | 3:40 pm

    I’ve always liked Anthony Michael Hall, too. But if I’m being honest, I’d probably have picked Andrew Clark. You know, because I like sports.

    But the perfect guy would be part Brian, part Andrew, part Bender.

    I remember that about TVZ now.

    And I prefer Pete Duel to Ben Murphy so far in Alias Smith & Jones. LOL!
    .-= Sound Check Mama´s last blog ..Playing ball when you’re deaf =-.

  7. This Belle Rocks
    March 28, 2010 | 7:30 pm

    Awww…I hate that I missed out! But I really loved reading about you. And I am sure Shane would bring lots more liquor to keep everyone in great “spirits” once the Guinness ran out. Or do you have a never-ending supply of the stuff?

    This is fun; it should be a monthly thing over here 🙂
    .-= This Belle Rocks´s last blog ..Woke up to storms today =-.

  8. Tiff Hill-Patterson
    March 29, 2010 | 4:07 am

    RT @MusicSavvyMom: The one where I answer random questions about myself…and make a playlist, of course: http://ow.ly/1rXC3

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