Naturally Cool: Buckman Coe

You remember him, right?  On the Friday Fiver…a week or two ago?  ‘Member, I said this:

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Give Up the Fright by Buckman Coe on his current CD, Latest Waking

This song?  Comfortable.  Soothing without being patronizing.  Lovingly crafted and balanced yet delivered with an effortless ease that belies its complexity.  I love it…and I have to say that it took a few listens for me to “get it” – it’s almost TOO smooth, and flies under the radar.  Listen again, though, because it’d be a shame to miss this.

(It’s like a snuggle in a comfy couch with down-filled pillows and a big glass of wine.  Niiiiiice!)

We may have to do a complete post on Mr. Coe in the near future, eh?  I have a feeling this onion’s got some interesting layers. 😉


Man, I love being right.

Per his YouTube Channel info, Rick Buckman Coe is 33, a musician and yogi.  My buddy Jon over at Musebox describes him as sort of a cerebral singer/songwriter with a Jeff Buckley, Paul Simon, Ben Harper vibe.

I describe anyone who can interpret and play Nina Simone like THIS as an artist.  Flat out, natural, ethereal and made of total win.  Check it:

Now, I know we agreed a few weeks back that none of us has time for me to go into a full blown music critique, so I’ll just hit you with the highlights:

  • He’s studied ecopsychology and worked in the counseling/mental health field.  I’m guessing that’s the part of him that can tap into emotions and convey them in such a calm, soothing and non-threatening manner.  Honesty in his lyrics resonates.
  • He’s played in both Funk/Jam and World Fusion bands. I love a musician without specific genre, whose sound evolves organically.  Dig.  All these influences make for a warm, comfortable tapestry of sound that flows over and engulfs you.  While you can hear the intricacies of his musicianship, one doesn’t overtake the other.  It just works.
  • His current CD, Latest Waking was predominately recorded in his apartment and at the homes of friends.  I LOVE that – viva la DIY spirit!

My favorite :  “Off the Beaten Path” :

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And, to top it off – he’s good people!  Not only did he send us a kick ass SHUFFLE…he added thoughtful commentary!  Check his playlist below, then head on over to to grab Latest Waking

It’s perfect summer music.


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Buckman’s iPod Shuffle for Music Savvy Mom:

1 “Willow Tree” by Chad Van Gaalen
Chad has this Neil Young and indie vibe that is uniquely his own. Like many of his tunes, “Willow Tree” has this death theme that is poetic and sad in such a pretty way. When I found out he is from Canada (Calgary actually) I loved him even more for it.
2 “Wild is the Wind” by Nina Simone
There was a lot of heartache and struggle in Nina’s life, but her strong and defiant spirit is what shines through it all. The yearning and the lyricism in this song have always mesmerized me.
3 “Fisherman” by The Congos
This dub reggae song has such crazy reverb and I love his super high voice. I listen to a lot of dub and I imagine that this influence will make its way into my songs as I experiment more in the future.
4 “Broken Drum” by Beck
Beck is the master of drawing from just about every influence out there and making it uniquely his own. This song is from Guero but my favorite album of his is Sea Change.
5 “Diamonds on the Inside” by Ben Harper
Ben is an expert crafter of songs. This song has a bit of that country and soul vibe I just love. I’ve seen him at the Thunderbird stadium and in some park concert in Hamburg.  (Ri note:  Couldn’t find Ben Harper on :( )
6 “Protection” by Massive Attack
This is from Mezzanine, a brilliant album. I went crazy for this album back in the day. I’d love to experiment with some trip hop and electronica at some point, but probably with a world music vibe crossed with some Radiohead vibe. I’ve got the players and we’ve been talking about creating a project. I believe once I have established my solo presence I’ll have the ability to front and create these other projects.
7 “Oh, you pretty things” by David Bowie
I love the way Bowie always reinvented himself and been such a quirky dude! Music and life is most fun when we recognize the theatre of it all, and for some reason we are often more genuine as artists when we are willing to adopt different roles according the needs of our time. There is so possibility sonically and expressively, and Bowie epitomizes this for me in many ways.
8 “Make it Easy” by John Brown’s Body
I got obsessed about this reggae band last summer. This song is more progressive dance hall-ish but they used to be more roots reggae before Elliot Martin took over as lead singer. These guys are all vegetarians and practice yoga, pretty cool huh?
9 “Tornado” by Jonsi
This is the lead singer from Sigur Ros going solo. I saw him at the Vogue Theatre a few weeks back just starting the tour for this album. It is pure theatre with incredible stage props and perfectly synched transitions. The music and the show blew me away. It was all about the journey and he didn’t speak to the audience at all, but it was perfect – he took us all away with the beauty and passion of his music. (Ri note:  Didn’t have Tornado, so I subbed another Jonsi song. 😉 )
10 “Are You Experienced?” by Jimi Hendrix
For some reason I didn’t really get into Jimi until last year and he’s really starting to influence my full-band live shows. I’ve been playing mostly electric guitar lately and getting into the trance of rocking out with my band. There is such power in the way Jimi performs, and I’ve been channelling some of this and blending it with my more gentle moments of soul and folk.
Hey Ri! That was a good fun practice, reflecting on my music collection on shuffle. Thanks for that! All the best, Buckman

11 Responses to Naturally Cool: Buckman Coe
  1. MisterLucky13
    May 26, 2010 | 7:46 pm

    Wow, this really doesn’t remind me of anything. I liked it the first time and would imagine it would get even better with repeated listenings. I see what you mean about it almost being too smooth but it only almost, it never crosses the line. Like the descending chord melody, like the Nick Drake-esque strings, just enough of the backing vocals without going overboard. Very nice.

    On “Off the Beaten Path”. the guitar intro reminded me of Chris Smither’s “No More Cane on the Brazos” which makes me happy. Like the melody, really like the strings (but then I love Nick Drake so strings always get me), but this one sort of goes in a bunch of different directions. The falsetto chorus sort of doesn’t match the ominous intro, maybe that’s down to him playing what sounds right to him rather than sticking to a specific genre like you said. I like this one okay but not as much as “Give Up the Fright”.

    The video was amazing. I love the guitar playing (and the guitar), love the shirt, the heavy echo and reverb really add to the whole torch song vibe. Okay, I’m back. Just watched the video 2 more times, gone from loving it to something stronger. Want more. While he doesn’t really sound like him, the whole vibe of the song reminds me of something from Jimmy Scott, in fact I think David Lynch should put this in his next movie. This is awesome.

    Thanks for introducing me to this guy, MSM!

    • Ri, the MSM
      May 27, 2010 | 7:46 am

      Thanks for all your great comments! I think I learn something from every single one. (Off to check out “No More Cane on the Brazos” right now, in fact. 😉 )
      .-= Ri, the MSM´s last blog ..Naturally Cool: Buckman Coe =-.

  2. DiPM
    May 26, 2010 | 8:47 pm

    I dig the smooth. And anyone who can spin Hendricks & Bowie has my vote.

  3. Mari
    May 26, 2010 | 10:17 pm

    First of all – love his music, loved the song you Friday Fiver-ed and love his remake. And, also? He’s just my flavor of eye candy.

    The playlist when taken together is overall a bit more introspective than I like, but so perfect for my mood today. Music to relax in a bath to.

    And Hendrix? Swoon.
    .-= Mari´s last blog ..A Rainbow in the Dark =-.

  4. Melisa with one s
    May 26, 2010 | 10:21 pm

    Wow! What an interesting guy! And an awesome guy too, giving you a shuffle!

    I love people sometimes. :)
    .-= Melisa with one s´s last blog ..The Graduate =-.

  5. thepeachy1
    May 26, 2010 | 10:33 pm

    Buckman Coe is so cool he makes me think I need some antifreeze with my wine.. I could possibly be in love with the entire him now.. Thanks.. I shall inform my husband buckman is his new pet name.

  6. oh_pook
    May 27, 2010 | 9:53 am

    thanks for the gentle nudge, Ri!!

    This guy is great… cool, smoothe, crisp and clean with no caffeine!!

    Listening to him made me think of when you think the house is quiet and then the refrigerator turns off and you realize that wow! NOW it’s quiet and peaceful!

    Look forward to hearing more *wink*

    Great shuffle! Perfect amount of comfortable favorites to balance out the new ones… makes me want to listen again!

  7. Buckman Coe
    June 3, 2010 | 6:36 pm

    Music Review & my iPod Shuffle Playlist Interview for "Music Savvy Mom"

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