Happy Blogoversary to Me!

Yep…today:  July 6, 2010, marks exactly ONE YEAR since I first posted as “Music Savvy Mom”. It also marks my 200th post.  Hard to believe, huh?  Well, let’s stroll down Memory Lane and see how we got here, shall we?

I started out so new, so green to the ways of the blogosphere.  (The fact that I was technically drunk when I got the idea to do this probably compounded my naivete.) I had been reading blogs for a bit…had one on Blogger for the family, to share photos of my kiddo with his Texas relatives.  Beyond that, though, I had NO IDEA what I was doing.

So, naturally, I thought I was going to start an entire BLOGGING NETWORK focused on music. pffffffft!  (Verily, the power of Scotch is strong.) In one evening of spontaneity I asked a buddy to take a photo of herself in headphones, made a logo and slapped a blog together – whammo…MSM was born.

I started out with the Guest DJ Shuffles, which were actually very popular.  I brazenly asked other “Bloggers who also happened to be Moms”  to put their music collections on Shuffle Mode and give me the top ten songs/artists that came up. And, when I say brazen, I mean brazen – I asked The Bloggess.  I asked Scary Mommy.  THEY SAID YES!   It was really good fun, and naturally when these bloggers told their readers about their shuffles, those readers came to check them out.  This method quickly brought me quite a few readers. So many that within a MONTH I jumped ship at Blogger, bought my own domain and went the self hosted Word Press route. (Seriously – I was getting hits out the wazoo.  It was scary, dude.)

After the domain switch – wherein I lost ALL of my comments, thankyouverymuch, Disqus comment system – folks still came by.  Lots of folks.  So, naturally, I abruptly stopped doing the Guest DJ Shuffles…because I am masterfully effective in the art of self-sabotage.

You see… I (in my wisdom) decided that the way I was going about getting a readership was slightly nefarious.  I mean – I wasn’t doing much writing beyond an intro to the DJ of the day, yet I was getting a gazillion hits. (I know this because halfway through, I discovered StatCounter, and that people kept track of these things.  Co-incidentally, I think that was about the time that the doc upped my Xanax, but I digress…)

It felt like I was trading in on the hard work of others. Now, I have yet to place an ad or make a dime from this blog – that’s not the “trading” that I mean.  I mean in the form of exposure, which is a precious, precious commodity in this interwebby world.  So I decided to start actually writing to see if I could keep those readers engaged.

*enter tumbleweeds and mournful, “Old West Ghost Town” music…*

The Fall of 2009 was fairly lonely around here, and but for the sympathy and support of a few stalwart music lovers I MIGHT have packed it in.  But…a small gaggle of us started to feel like a community.  We sort of stuck together.  Every once in a while a post of mine would bring in a few more like-minded souls.  We amused ourselves with Interactive Group Playlists.  I made the effort on Twitter; I started a Facebook Page. I attended Type A Mom Conference with my soul sister Rock and Roll Mama. I enjoyed the individual interactions, I tried to actually LEARN about what it is I’m doing…and I wrote more.

By the beginning of 2010, the activity around here was brisk – back to the fun of the “salad days” of the Guest DJ Shuffles.  I did some Artist Spotlights and even got some playlists from them, courtesy of Ash the Shufflemonger. 😉  Fun was being had, my confidence was bolstered, and in the very back of my mind…a seed of an idea was germinating.

I started getting contacts from bands and PR folks about putting up songs.  Not pitches exactly, because I’ve never received more than a courtesy digital download of an album – but I now have access to new music; quite often music that hasn’t yet been released.  So, I started the Friday Fiver and the Sunday Scoop.  Then I threw in the odd Music Monday Meme.  Folks seem to enjoy them, because my visitors are multiplying…

But, y’know what?  With these regular features again…I’m not writing.  And, I love to write.  Once in a blue moon, I think I actually do it very well!  My husband keeps telling me that I’m limiting myself with the music – that I’ve pigeonholed myself and that I’m stymieing my topic options.  As much as I hate to admit it – he’s right.  *sigh*

BUT…I learned my lesson with the ditching of the Guest DJ Shuffles, folks – I shall no longer throw the baby out with the bathwater!  ‘Member that “thought seed” that was germinating?  Well, I believe it’s the answer to my writing happiness!  Next week, I’ll be launching a new, collaborative website with five other Music Loving Blogging Moms.  We’ll rotate posts…we all enjoy different artist and genres, so the topics will be varied.  We’ll use our “collective bargaining power” to hopefully score some good giveaways – show tickets, more CD’s, backstage passes.  We’ll do everything we do here at Music Savvy Mom – just MORE. Because if I’ve learned anything this year, it’s that  there’s way more music than I can talk about by myself…and that the love of music is compounded when it’s shared.  We all blog about different things to different readers individually, but we’re bonded in this common denominator.

And yes…I’ll bring back the Guest DJ Shuffles over there.  (I figure I’ve earned it by now. 😉)

And what about things here at Music Savvy Mom, you ask?  Oh, never fear – I won’t desert my one year old baby.  This will remain my haven, my home and my headquarters.  I’ll still do the Fivers, and a couple of Memes a month.  But, I also hope to do more actual writing – writing that may or may not involve music in every post.  Because as much as I love music…there’s more to me than that.  Hopefully, you’ll still want to read it. 😉

Thank you SO much for coming by and hanging with me here.  Thanks even more for the comments – those mean way more to me than I can ever express.  Thanks for encouraging this SAHM to pursue her passions and enjoy the parts of her that were there pre-kiddo…and that will remain.  You’ve helped me grow in ways you’ll never know.

Y’all are better than ice cream on steak, I swear.



(Oh, and PS!  If you’re a lurker who’s never said hey…now would be the PERFECT time.  Y’know…share a favorite MSM memory…a band you found out about here and just love…or tell me what you had for breakfast.  I’m not above begging for an Anniversary “Pity Comment”.  Just sayin’… ;))

16 Responses to Happy Blogoversary to Me!
  1. MariFarthing
    July 6, 2010 | 4:07 am

    RT @MusicSavvyMom: Happy Blogoversary to Me! It's been a YEAR! If you've ever enjoyed Music Savvy Mom, swing by, k? and RT! :) xoxo http://ow.ly/27mLl

  2. ThisBelleRocks
    July 6, 2010 | 4:29 am

    RT @MusicSavvyMom: Happy Blogoversary to Me! 1 YEAR! If you've ever enjoyed Music Savvy Mom, swing by. & RT! :) xoxo http://ow.ly/27mLl

  3. oh_pook
    July 6, 2010 | 8:44 am

    um…. so are you going to tell us how to get to the new collaborative website or what!??!
    Gosh. [/Napoleon]

    Oh and Happy Anniversary sweetie!!!! heh heh!!!

    • Ri, the MSM
      July 6, 2010 | 8:55 am

      Of course I’ll tell you…next week. (hehehehe) 😉

      • oh_pook
        July 6, 2010 | 9:00 am

        the waiting is the hardest part [/Tom Petty]

  4. Melisa
    July 6, 2010 | 10:52 am

    Happy blogoversary to @musicsavvymom! http://bit.ly/9x5pQg

  5. Holly
    July 6, 2010 | 12:59 pm

    RT @MusicSavvyMom: Happy Blogoversary to Me! It's been a YEAR! If you've ever enjoyed Music Savvy Mom, swing by, k? and RT! :) xoxo http://ow.ly/27vdY

  6. Dorothy Yeager
    July 6, 2010 | 1:06 pm

    RT @MusicSavvyMom: Happy Blogoversary to Me! It's been a YEAR! If you've ever enjoyed Music Savvy Mom, swing by, k? and RT! :) xoxo http://ow.ly/27vdY

  7. Mari
    July 6, 2010 | 2:18 pm

    Ooh, I’m always up for an adventure. Especially when scotch is involved! 😉

  8. DiPM
    July 6, 2010 | 2:56 pm

    Ok so I’m no Bloggess and though I count Jill (aka Scary) mommy among my IRL pals I’m sort of all butt hurt you didn’t mention my guest DJ gig. After all THAT is where I got my DJ name.. the INFAMOUS DiPM! Just giving ya shiz babe. Happy Blogaversary! I’m simply STUNNED that it’s only been a year!!! (yes I’m feeling my own suckage there). You know I’ve LONG been waiting for the MLM site to launch (swag is nice hot moms with music chops are better). So get it done sister! BTW I love me my weekly FIVER

  9. ThePeachy1
    July 6, 2010 | 8:30 pm

    RT @MusicSavvyMom: Happy Blogoversary to ME! It's been a YEAR! If you've ever enjoyed Music Savvy Mom, swing by, k? and RT! :) xoxo http://ow.ly/27MDb

  10. singlemama CC
    July 6, 2010 | 8:34 pm

    RT @MusicSavvyMom: Happy Blogoversary to ME! It's been a YEAR! If you've ever enjoyed Music Savvy Mom, swing by, k? and RT! :) xoxo http://ow.ly/27MDb

  11. Tiff
    July 6, 2010 | 10:13 pm

    Happy Blog Day! LOL!

    It’s been a blast, and it’s about the get even better. Woohoo!

    Got an idea to run by you, so be listening for your email to ping or beep or boop or whatever. :-)
    Tiff´s last blog post ..Show me your hearing

  12. This Belle Rocks
    July 7, 2010 | 12:57 am

    Happy Blogiversary! You know I’ll still be reading!
    This Belle Rocks´s last blog post ..I’m a basket case What else is new

  13. Tiff Hill-Patterson
    July 7, 2010 | 2:14 am

    Happy Blogoversary to Me! (not me me, but my friend MSM!) – http://b2l.me/85wmk

  14. Aspiring
    July 8, 2010 | 11:35 am

    Hi Ri!
    So sorry Im a little late for your Blogaversary but I at least wanted to drop in and let you know I think you’ve done a fantastic job! Your selections are always entertaining and you know I love your writing!

    If you build it, they will come.

    Stay cool sistah.

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