So, if I make the rules, I can break them – yes?

Well, okay.  Perhaps they’re notsomuch rules as “guidelines”… </Barbossa>

Especially the one about “no kids’ music.”

I mean – every once in a while, even I have to admit that it’s important for kids to have age appropriate music.  And, as I mentioned before…I’m frequently sent music to review that is definitely in that genre, but that is equally enjoyable for parents.

(Take notes, Barney.  It IS possible to combine the two.)

Now, I want to share these bands/songs with you, too…but I must admit I’ve refused quite a few that were pretty damn good. *guiltyfacesmileydude*  I feel badly about that, and so I’m going to make it up to you!

Remember when I got that wild hair and added the FORUM?  Then, remember how I seemingly forgot all about it three days later?  Well, I am hereby renewing my focus in that direction, and I can think of no better discussion topic to kick off the NEW “forum launch” than KIDS MUSIC!

(Hey, I may not give it top billing around here, but I’ll gladly yak about it backstage. Good music is good music.  😉 )

Now, this will be a fluid thread that we can all add to as we find new stuff.  We can definitely be Music Savvy about this too, right?  So, head on over to the thread entitled “Kids’ Music that We Love!” and give me your two cents on the newest video from The Dream Jam Band:  Bad Hair Day. :)

Seriously.  Go over.  I made popcorn.

One Response to So, if I make the rules, I can break them – yes?
  1. DiPM
    July 8, 2010 | 9:16 pm

    Make em.. break em.. that’s how I roll..he he

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