Happy Bundt Day! Now, pass the lutefisk. (Take Two.)

Okay, so…I’m still on my “blog staycation”. Trust me – I need it.

Since no one else has volunteered to Guest Post for me, I’m doing it myself and swiping one of my own posts from my first blog, “Vacuity”. The fact that this post is in celebration of Bundt Day – which is in November – just adds to its charm.

So, enjoy my ramblings. I think I’ll go to bed early tonight…*yawn*…


Yes folks, I’m not making this up.


Today is National Bundt Day. The good folks at Nordic Ware, makers of the Bundt Pan, assure us of this and add proof by way of a photo…of a framed proclamation signed by the Governor of Minnesota:

Of course, this begs the question: Since when does a Governor have the clout to declare a NATIONAL Holiday?


Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota

But, I digress…

The NordicWare Company is headquartered in Minnesota.

This fact does not surprise me at all, since I am told that Minnesota is a hotbed of Swedes, Norwegians, North Pole Elves and various other folk of cheerful, hearty…well, Nordic…stock. I know this because my 100% Irish Father in Law grew up in Minnesota, and I have oft heard him reminisce fondly of his childhood days with those “friggin’ Swedes”.

ABBA tinfoil

...yep. That's ABBA...in front of the Swedish Flag...

Now, I don’t know for certain if Bundt’s Inventor, H. David Dalquist is from Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish or Danish ancestry. I’m thinking not Danish, because the Bundt Cake is in direct competition with their world famous circular pastry.

A loyal Dane wouldn’t do that, would he?


I’ve read the story of how he came to develop the Bundt Pan, but it’s not nearly as entertaining as the version I’ve developed in my head, wherein he imbibed a bit too much Akavit while ice fishing on a frozen lake and attacked big Thor Gustafson with the hubcap off his ’57 Chevy, bending that sucker right down over Thor’s melon head, because Thor had the misfortune of catching the monster catfish H. David had been after for eighteen years.

grumpy old men copy

(Yes, I’ve seen Grumpy Old Men a half dozen or more times…why do you ask?)

Anyway…for the last hour and a half of this glorious Holiday, I encourage you to celebrate the Bundt, and it’s contribution to Holiday Gatherings everywhere. Because, really…when you think of some of the OTHER things the Scandinavians have brought us…



…you realize that Bundt is something for which we should TRULY be thankful!

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