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Thanks, Mr. Joshua!

As November has become the “Time of my Respiratory Distress” (ie: three weeks of sinusitis and bronchitis – and counting) it’s taken me all month to get this particular post written, even though the impetus for it happened on November 1.  It’s actually appropriate that it comes the day before Thanksgiving, though, as it IS a “thank you”.

Remember my last post wherein I mentioned that bands/artist who make the effort to connect with fans experience loyalty on an entirely different plane than those who consider themselves above real human contact?  Well – I present to you today a case in point.

In this scenario, the fan in question is four years old.  The event marked his first real concert experience.

Nope, not a Wiggles concert, or Sesame Street Live or any of that ilk – those are notsomuch concerts as “retail events”, first of all, and second… may I recall to your attention the THEME of the blog you are reading?  No – this was an actual concert with actual touring musicians at an actual dedicated music venue.

And the artist in question ROCKED it…and made my son a lover of live music.  For that, I am thankful.

Before I let you see what happened, I want you to stop for a minute and think about the last show you attended.  Feel the drumbeat resound in your core – recall the swell of the music that carried you on a wave of release – remember how you sang along with every word, and how for the duration of the show, you forgot about the daily grind and just enjoyed the music.

If that didn’t describe your experience, then you’re going to the wrong shows.  If you couldn’t remember the last time you felt that way, then you NEED to get to a show.

Touring musicians work like rented mules to bring us that fun, that fire; to share their art DIRECTLY with folks who love and appreciate it.  Every night a new city, a new configuration of labyrinthine cords and wires on a new stage, new details to navigate with a new venue, exhaustive travel and brutal schedules.  Sure, it’s their job and they are compensated for their efforts – but just like any job…some folks put more into it and do it better than others.

This Holiday season, make some time to get out and experience live music again.  Reward the artists whose music you enjoy day after day with your presence, your physical validation to them that they have moved you, and that the stress and strain of a tour – ESPECIALLY one during the holiday season – is worth it.

You might be surprised at what you get in return.

My Review of Joshua Radin’s new CD The Rock and The Tide is up at The Music Mamas.

You can still catch Josh on the current leg of his tour tonight at Chicago’s Vic Theater with Good Old War and Kelley James. But whoever you get out to see, be sure to come back and tell me about it!

5 Responses to Thanks, Mr. Joshua!
  1. tawnya
    November 24, 2010 | 12:55 pm

    Lovely. And makes me sad that I’ll be missing The Frames this weekend in Seattle all the more…
    tawnya´s last blog post ..Well So THAT Happened

  2. The Music Mamas
    November 24, 2010 | 1:40 pm

    New post up at Music Savvy Mom about the joys of Live Music: Thanks, Mr. Joshua! http://ow.ly/3eQuG

  3. Ash
    November 24, 2010 | 1:42 pm

    RFO. RT @MusicSavvyMom New post up at Music Savvy Mom about the joys of Live Music: Thanks, Mr. Joshua! http://ow.ly/3eQtH

  4. Tiff Hill-Patterson
    November 24, 2010 | 1:46 pm

    RT @TheMusicMamas: New post up at Music Savvy Mom about the joys of Live Music: Thanks, Mr. Joshua! http://ow.ly/3eQuG

  5. ThisBelleRocks
    November 24, 2010 | 10:29 pm

    RT @musicsavvymom: Warner Music International/London were on my blog for 1.5 hrs today. Wanna see what they checked out? http://ow.ly/3f8Wq

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