Threefers. Starting with Me.

Sweet cheeses on toast, I have GOT to do something to shake me out of these doldrums.  Seriously – I am chock FULL of fabulous ideas, have new adventures on the writing horizon, have laid foundations and am ready to build on them…but I’m in a funk of monumental proportion.  Totally paralyzed.  (Well, figuratively, natch.)

Now, if I locked myself away in an old seaside hotel for a week…alone, with no phone, no car and no responsibility other than to systematically work my way through each and every project, I’m quite certain that I would return refreshed, re-focused, re-invigorated and ready to roll.  (And I would likely never commit the egregious sin of excessive alliteration again. ahem.)

But clearly that ain’t happenin’ any time soon.  So I need to start smaller.  Signing back into a blog regularly would be a great start.

So we’re going to start a series of Threefers, where YOU guys help me get rolling again.  I did this before in an online community to which I belonged, and it was WAYYYY fun, interactive and a great way to share good music back and forth.  Sounds like just what I need right now.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

  • You all email me a note to   ri (at) containing the name/artist of three songs you just love.  Old or new/any genre/totally random or with a theme – whatever.  Songs that you want to share with us.  If you have a link to a you tube, that would be aces, but if not I’ll find it.
  • Add a few lines about each one (or more than a few – whatever you feel) telling us about what it means to you, or why you chose it, or a silly anecdote – again, whatever you want.
  • If you have a blog or a website, include the link.  Also please tell me how I should refer to you in the post.  (Like, what name to use.)

That’s it!  I’ll take that pool of awesomeness and draw from it, highlighting one reader per day (or every other day – let’s be realistic here) and sharing their Threefer!  I’ll share your “liner notes” and add a bit more info about the track/artist…like say, Wikipedia links and maybe lyrics, and of course I’ll  put up either the mp3 or you tube so you can hear it.  Then we discuss in the comments.

I think this could be a really fun, easy way to spend a month or two during the cold winter doldrums…and I personally would SO appreciate the friendly kickstart from y’all.  So, shoot me an email NOW, then enjoy a sample from me below. There’s only one…but it was just to show you the format.  Besides, this post is long enough already. 😉




Today’s Threefer (or in this case, “Onsie”)  comes from: Ri, The Music Savvy Mom

Theme: Nope – today I’m just shuffling through, but fair warning I’m feeling fairly eclectic. (But if you DO have a theme, I’ll put it here.)

General Liner Notes: (If you’d rather generalize than comment on each song, that would go here.)


Track 1: Jerry Jeff Walker – I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Release Date: 1981 on “Live at Gruene Hall”

Notes: Okay, so you all know I love Texas Outlaw Country (thanks to my wonderful husband’s influence).  Jerry Jeff Walker falls in that category, although he may have teetered on the edge at times.  Did y’all know he wrote “Mr. Bojangles”?  I’m betting you didn’t.  Anyhoo, I love this song both for it’s traditional twang and it’s spot on reference to how certain types of music go with certain moods or feelings.



Well, I could live my whole life, without a phone call
The likes of which I got today.
It was only my wife, said hello then goodbye.
And told me shes going away.

Well I didn’t cry, It was all cut and dried.
I hung up before I realized.
Turned up my stereo, I walked to the window,
Stared at the storm clouds outside.

And I play classical music when it rains,
I play country when I am in pain.
But I won’t play Beethoven, the mood’s just not right
Oh, I feel like Hank Williams tonight.

There’s no explanation, not even a reason,
No talk of the good times we had.
Was it me, was it her? I don’t know for sure,
And that’s why I’m feeling so bad.

Hey, I play jazz when I am confused,
I play country whenever I lose.
Bird’s saxophone, it just don’t seem right
Now, I feel like Hank Williams tonight.

Lately Ive been thinkin’, I just might quit drinkin’.
Now I don’t know all-in-all.
I just might stay home, get drunk all alone,
And punch a few holes in the wall.

But when I’m real high I play rock and roll,
I play country when I’m losing control.
I don’t play Chuck Berry quite as much as I’d like,
Now, I feel like Hank Williams tonight.

4 Responses to Threefers. Starting with Me.
  1. Kathryn Doran
    January 14, 2011 | 1:18 am

    RT @MusicSavvyMom: Send me music! Here's the deets…

  2. Lisa Allen
    January 14, 2011 | 2:08 am

    Ri needs some inspiration…help her out! RT @MusicSavvyMom Send me music! Here's the deets…

  3. Chris Blake
    January 14, 2011 | 8:49 pm

    Sweet. I’m sending you my three right now!
    Chris Blake´s last blog post ..My “Foolproof” Writing Process

  4. oh_pook
    January 18, 2011 | 5:04 pm


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