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Pssst – hey, y’all. You’re in for a treat today – frequent Friday Fiver commenter and all around good dude @MisterLucky13 sent me the awesomeness you see below in response to my plea for Threefers. I’m not even going to put it in my usual “format”, because it’s perfect just the way he sent it to me via email.

Thanks so much, Scott, for taking the time to share your connections with these songs – now I have stories to play in my head every time I hear them!



MisterLucky13 aka Anon_13 here. Your request got me thinking and I came up with two songs that have a theme – Dream Music.

1: I woke up one morning convinced that I had had a dream in which an angel came down and sang to me. I could remember the exact melody of the song she sang and what her voice sounded like but couldn’t remember the lyrics to save my life. I couldn’t remember seeing the angel’s face but pictured her looking like one of the winged sirens that Odysseus encounters in “The Odyssey”.

For days I kept humming the melody, then I learned to play it on the guitar. About a week later I was driving with my girlfriend and a song came on the radio and…it was the song I had heard the angel sing in my dream. It was Alison Kraus singing “Baby Now That I’ve Found You”. It sounded like this:

When I explained the story to my girlfriend, she told me that Alison Kraus had been on the Tonight Show about a week before and that I must have been falling asleep when she sang this song but was still conscious enough to hear it, remember it and start playing it on a loop in my head. I was kind of happy that it was a real song that I could buy and listen to (and the angel was a real woman) but at the same time kind of disappointed because I realized my subconscious had not created the beautiful song for which I had given it credit. But I still love the song and every time I hear it I get sort of the same ethereal feeling I had during that week before my amazing dream was reduced to reality.

2: I drove a ’63 Buick Skylark convertible for several years. I had these big bookshelf speakers that sat on the back seat which I would unplug and lock in the trunk when I parked the car. I loved nothing more than putting the top down and going for long drives in the country with cool tunes blasting behind me.

One night I had a dream that I was driving by myself and a song came on that I didn’t remember being on the cassette I was listening to. It was Jimi Hendrix playing “Drivin’ South”. I reached up to rewind the tape back to the beginning of the song but the buttons on my tape deck had no effect on the music. I sat back, looked in my rearview mirror and realized I wasn’t listening to a tape. Jimi was sitting in the back seat of my convertible and had his guitar hooked up to my speakers. I couldn’t see his face in the mirror, just his hands, forearms, his white Stratocaster and a bright red shirt but there was no doubt it was him. Since I was watching his hands in the mirror, he appeared to be playing right-handed, which was weirder than it sounds. I wanted to turn around to look at him but realized that wasn’t part of the deal. If I turned to look, he would be gone.

So I kept driving, swaying side to side, watching the road, watching Jimi’s hands in my mirror, enjoying the music more than I have ever enjoyed anything in real life. I’ve never felt like everything was more right with the world than I did in that dream. The version he played in my dream went on for about 15 minutes, had a slow, nasty blues break in the middle, then kicked back into overdrive for the last few minutes. It was great.

When I sold the Buick a few years later, I was very sad to see it go and a large part of it was the memory I had of Jimi jammin’ in the back seat that one time. Here’s a good version of Drivin’ South:

Hope this helps with your project and now you know why I only listed two songs instead of three. I suck at succinct.

2 Responses to Twofer with Mr. Lucky
  1. Mari
    January 23, 2011 | 12:13 pm

    Love it. Great writing & great songs :)
    MariĀ“s last blog post ..Mayhaps I spoke too soon

  2. oh_pook
    January 23, 2011 | 8:52 pm

    Excellent Twofer Mr Lucky!

    When I read through the first description I didn’t think anything about the song title, I was just looking forward to Alison’s awesome voice. It wasn’t until she hit the refrain that I realized it was a “cover”… I couldn’t think who did it off the top of my head. How fun to love both the Foundations and Alison’s versions… so different, but both full of awesome sauce!

    And, Holy Cow!!! Epic driving music. The whole song is just sick. I think my “head bob” would compliment your side to side swaying nicely!

    Enjoyed both of those immensely!

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