Sunday Soul. Both kinds.

It’s a beautiful day outside, which is most welcomed after the torrential tornado-spawning thunderstorms that blew through here last night.  Sunshine and a crystal blue sky with nary a cloud in sight.

Perfect day for opening the windows and sweeping out cobwebs, dust…and the cloud of “dull” that has hovered over me the past few months.  Sure, I could blame any one of a number of reasons for it, but none would ring true.

Matter of fact, I just deleted about 10 paragraphs from this post.  When I tried to explain, it just sounded like whining, even to me.  And, I hate whining.  But I suppose on the plus side, I got it all out and in doing so forced myself to think about it.  It’s never easy to face your shortcomings, or admit when you’ve dropped the ball (even one thrown by you) but it is definitely necessary if you’re going to do something about it.

So, I suppose the hour I’d spent working on this wasn’t wasted afterall. 😉

That was the “soul searching” part.  Now for the “soul cleansing” part.  The boys are going out to ride bikes, and I’m going to throw open those windows, crank this  playlist to 11 and let it blow the dust from my heart and mind.  I’ll let you know when it works…;)

(Just click the play arrow and the tracks will automatically continue in the order below.  And, if I say so myself, this mix is delightfully eclectic and decidedly inspired, considering my current mood. lol. 😉 )

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Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with That – Robert Randolph and the Family Band

Devil’s Spoke – Laura Marling

Dog Days Are Over – Florence and the Machine

Free Man in Paris – Sufjan Stevens

Give Up the Fright – Buckman Coe

Her Morning Elegance – Oren Lavey

Pardon Me – Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights

Happy (To Have a Job) – Seasick Steve

People Got a Lotta Nerve – Neko Case

Best of Both Worlds – Robert Palmer

That’s The Way That The World Goes Round – John Prine

Another Nail in my Heart – Squeeze

This Fucking Job – Drive By Truckers

Little Lion Man – Mumford and Sons

Sure as Shit – Kathleen Edwards

Becoming a Jackal – Villagers

Bread and Water – Ryan Bingham

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing – Sufjan Stevens

5 Responses to Sunday Soul. Both kinds.
  1. oh_pook
    April 18, 2011 | 8:02 am

    I haven’t even hit “play” and wish I had my new computer hooked up with waaaaay better speakers!!

    This playlist is full of kick ass win!! (couple names I don’t know, but look forward to hearing, after reading the company they keep)

    Hope you whipped yourself and the house into shape, Ri!!!

    <—–would love a little video of Liam riding a bike!!!! Awesome!

    Sam didn't learn until he was 8, but then there was no stopping him.

  2. Lisa Allen
    April 18, 2011 | 3:42 pm

    Perfect #playlist to kick Monday's ass. RT @RiOLaughlin New MSM post: Sunday Soul. Both kinds. #moods #music

  3. العاب فلاش
    March 22, 2012 | 5:30 pm

    nice song.

  4. تحميل برامج
    July 24, 2012 | 4:56 am

    الف شكر و يعطيك الف عافية

  5. Lorraine
    April 28, 2016 | 2:46 am

    Wow, only 15 mins by bus from Walsall, I'm seriously impressed as it would take me the same by bus and I live nearby! I love the Ba9#rn&t3o;s Arms. It is a stunning building and it's withstood bombing all around it during WW2 as well as my gran told me many a tale about that.Love your dress and happy anniversary to you both, my 21st anniversary this year – how the years have flown by x

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