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So…who is “Ri”…?

…and what kind of name is “Ri”, anyway??


Her nose isn't really that big.  It's the camera angle.  Seriously.

My nose isn't really that big. It's the camera angle. Seriously.


Folks, Ri is short for Maria.  (Not pronounced like the bread.)

And Ri O’Laughlin is The Music Savvy Mom.

Now, lest you think she’s arrogance personified, you should know that the name “Music Savvy Mom”…and in fact, this whole blog and concept, was born of a night of boredom whilst her dear husband was watching baseball.  (And during which she was drinking Scotch.)  But regardless – she’s no more music savvy than the next gal; she just refuses to believe that her love for music need be put on the back burner while parenting a Pre-Schooler.

The two should not be mutually exclusive.

Prior to Music Savvy Momdom, Ri was gainfully employed in the corporate world as a notsomild-mannered Management Analyst.  She sat at her desk with dual computers flashing multiple projects simultaneously,  headphones on & music blaring.  She often snarled when interrupted.  Now a SAHM to Liam, her feisty six year old…well, things haven’t changed much, really.  Except spreadsheets have now become blogs and she doesn’t need the headphones – because the kiddo loves good music, too.

Ri has a passion for writing, and has been told for years that she’s fairly humorous. She freelances, you know.  She’s not above sharing her talents with the world surreptitiously either, and until she nails that book deal, she’s available for ghostwriting, too.  And web/graphic design. Seriously.  Make her an offer.

In her own words, Ri describes her life thusly:

“My interests are many and varied.  Some of them include pie.  My husband is wonderful, our kid rocks, and life is good…even when there’s no pie.”