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Guest DJ: Not Your Average Single Momma

Nope. No, she’s most certainly not. She’s not your average ANYTHING – this lil’ ball of spitfire and expletives is one in a friggin’ million. At turns, she’s hard as nails and I truly believe WOULD “cut a bitch”…then just as sweet, empathetic and thoughtful as they come. (Although it’s likely she’ll want to cut ME for letting you in on the sweet part.) And the REALLY fun thing is that when you land on her blog…you never know what you’re gonna get.

Anissa’s Shuffle

“Anissa Mayhew had a stroke last night.” For much of the Mom Blogging world, reading that sentence was like a punch in the gut. Anissa is a 35 year old wife and mom of three from the Atlanta area, and this is her second stroke in four years. Her daughter, Peyton, is a Cancer Survivor…one…

Guest DJ: John from HellaSound Running Music

Enter John and HellaSound. Imagine a thirty minute track of original music, synched to your stride, with beats and rhythm paced for moving…that DOESN’T SUCK! Whatchu like – 80’s-influenced indie rock? Hard, Heavy, Intense, Aggressive, Metal? Indie rock, funk and jazz? Yeah, well he’s got it, and more on the way…and for less than the cost of a trip to Starbuck’s, you can have it, too. Check it.

T-Loth: Shuffle, the Second

So…y’all remember The Lady of the House from Checking the Electrical Box?

‘Member wwaaaaaayyyy back, when I christened her T-Loth? (Her Rapper Name.)

Well…she’s BAAAACCCCCKKKKK!!!! :)

(Seriously – it tickles the everlovin’ crap out of me when a past DJ wants to Shuffle again. SO cool. Squee!)

Since we’re all already well acquainted, I’ll just let her get to it, eh?

Memory Lane Monday. Share the Love!

It’s been almost four months, y’all. Four Music-Filled Months of Frivolity and Fun since the “launch” of Music Savvy Mom on July 6, 2009.

Sheese, where DOES the time go?

In this month of November, with Thanksgiving looming like an axe above a turkey’s gobbler, I thought I’d get a jump on expressing my gratitude…