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Your MSM Very Last-Minute Gift Guide

So, it’s come to my attention that some bloggers work long and hard for months in advance of the Holiday Season, putting together “Gift Guides”.  They research the hippest, coolest stuff.  They are sent samples to try.  They organize and categorize, then present you, the reader, with a clear and concise list of EXACTLY what…

Pearl Harbor Day

Today is Pearl Harbor Day; commemoration of an event which marked a watershed moment in the history of the United States. I won’t belabor the details of the attack in this post – learned historians have done that much more eloquently and details are readily accessible all over the web. Besides…I would hope that educators in schools the world over have done their jobs and made you, my dear readers, aware of it’s importance.

Instead I’ll step out of my usual snarky persona for today and tell you a story.

National Dice Day? You Bet!

Psst. It’s me, Ri. I’m not the one writing this post. Well…yes – OBVIOUSLY I’m writing THIS part, (smart ass!) …but the rest is brought to you by the always charming, ever-awesome Melisa With One S from Suburban Scrawl ~ Enjoy! ————————– Friday, December 4 National Dice Day? You Bet! Today, as you have no…

Angels and Bean Dip and Drunks…Oh, My!

As you’ve come to expect, there will be a Ginormous, Over the Top, Much too Much Holiday playlist of gargantuan proportions here at Music Savvy Mom. Soon. But, this is not it. This is a recycled post from Vacuity which I first posted on December 23, 2008. I’m pilfering myself (oh, my, that sounds naughty!)…

…the answer is “none”. None more black.

Well, okay, maybe not silly. Maybe a vile, duplicitous event concocted by evil Madison Avenue hucksters to pit sleep deprived shoppers hopped up on Cool Whip against each other in a commercial grudge match over items they have intentionally under-ordered and over-advertised. It’s consumer manipulation at it’s finest.