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88 Lines About 44 Women…or, “iPod Shuffle Quiz – Parent Edition”

(Click “play”, then continue reading…) You’ve seen these, right?  The iPod Shuffle Quiz meme that goes around via Email and Facebook.  You copy and paste the questions, filling in your own answers to the random questions with the song titles that come up…then pass it on to annoy other folks on your friends’ list. It’s…

Wordless Wednesday: Culture

For the Wordless Wednesday meme: a playlist of Classical Instrumental music. Oh, just get a glass of wine and listen – it’s not going to kill you!

Wordy Wednesday: Lyric Prolific

An anti-meme meme of my own devising. (Opposite of the viral “Wordless Wednesday”). This one: a playlist of songs with LOTS of lyrics. Like you’d expect…

Wordy Wednesday Lyrics Shuffle

UPDATED:  I’ve crossed out the ones that have been guessed already.  Will post the answers and playlist in a couple hours.  Y’all are gonna KICK yourselves, I swear… Get to guessin! —————————– So, I’m going “Anti-Meme” today.  No Wordless Wednesday here – just the opposite.  LYRICS. Here’s the first line (or two) from some tunes…

Wordless Wednesday: Instrumental Jazz