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It’s “Half Mothers’ Day”. I’ve Decreed It.

See…today is the 12th Anniversary of my Mom’s death.  Now, I guess I could be all somber and sad and teary, but that hasn’t been a damn bit of good the past 11 times I’ve done it, so I thought perhaps I’d change my tactics today.  I’m happy, I’m laughing, and I’m SO appreciative that…

T-Loth: Shuffle, the Second

So…y’all remember The Lady of the House from Checking the Electrical Box?

‘Member wwaaaaaayyyy back, when I christened her T-Loth? (Her Rapper Name.)

Well…she’s BAAAACCCCCKKKKK!!!! :)

(Seriously – it tickles the everlovin’ crap out of me when a past DJ wants to Shuffle again. SO cool. Squee!)

Since we’re all already well acquainted, I’ll just let her get to it, eh?

Civic Duty Done; I’m Twenty Bucks Down & I’ve Got the Shakes…Again.

Ah, Democracy and Capitalism! They go together like beer and burritos, don’t they?

I was up before dawn. Brian and I had a plan, you see – he’d get to the polls when they opened at six, vote, run back home and shower while I went to vote, and we’d both be done before he left for work – well before Liam awoke. Ha…we really are cute, aren’t we? I pounded two large cups of coffee while Brian was gone in anticipation of my turn…

Memory Lane Monday. Share the Love!

It’s been almost four months, y’all. Four Music-Filled Months of Frivolity and Fun since the “launch” of Music Savvy Mom on July 6, 2009.

Sheese, where DOES the time go?

In this month of November, with Thanksgiving looming like an axe above a turkey’s gobbler, I thought I’d get a jump on expressing my gratitude…

Ode to a Candy Hangover, or The Post Made Out of Song Titles…

Halloween, 1997. It was a dark and Stormy Night. Harold decided he was going to Trick or Treat, even though he was technically two years past the age limit. (He was fairly underdeveloped, so he was certain he wouldn’t get hassled about it.) He crafted a costume – he tried for Prince in Purple Rain, but finally settled for a one eyed, one horned, flyin’ Purple People Eater – and set out to find Strangers with Candy.