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Wordless Wednesday: Culture

For the Wordless Wednesday meme: a playlist of Classical Instrumental music. Oh, just get a glass of wine and listen – it’s not going to kill you!

Last one, I promise…

And you won’t hear anything” Irish related” from me till next year.  (Well, unless you hear my last name…that one, I can’t help.) It’s just that…heck, the name *is* “Music Savvy MOM”, right?  Every once in a while, I just gotta let my Mom flag fly. It’s not MY fault…he’s just so stinkin’ cute. (Non-compensated…

What…peas AGAIN?

British Indie Folk Rock Playlist. And Mushy Peas.

Angels and Bean Dip and Drunks…Oh, My!

As you’ve come to expect, there will be a Ginormous, Over the Top, Much too Much Holiday playlist of gargantuan proportions here at Music Savvy Mom. Soon. But, this is not it. This is a recycled post from Vacuity which I first posted on December 23, 2008. I’m pilfering myself (oh, my, that sounds naughty!)…

Ri’s Shuffle for Medicinal Purposes…

This week is already made of Suck, and it’s only Tuesday.

I’m in a foul mood, I think I’ve got a chest infection, the house is a mess, my sister is supposed to be coming over later today to watch Liam while I take our Father to the doctor, but she’s not answering the phone, it’s raining, I am SO far behind on work/emails/Google Reader that I’m about to lap myself, and I am COMPLETELY out of coffee – I only got two cups this morning.

(I complain alot, don’t I? Hmmm….)

Anyway – I dug out yet another post from Vacuity that seems to fit my needs today. It first ran in December of 2008. Enjoy!