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It’s not about service. It’s about death.

Memorial Day. I have a hard time with this Holiday.  Well, to be more specific – I have a hard time with the way the Holiday is “celebrated” these days. Is it me, or for many people, has Memorial Day just become the signal to the start of Summer…a day off work which creates a…

Lloyd…you heartbreaker, you.

I don’t know if there are “stages” that one must plow through – similar to those of grief, or potty training – before a blogger gets comfortable with their “voice.”  I suspect that may be the case, because I’m all over the place lately.  I’m circling like a cat trying to get comfortable in a…

Pearl Harbor Day

Today is Pearl Harbor Day; commemoration of an event which marked a watershed moment in the history of the United States. I won’t belabor the details of the attack in this post – learned historians have done that much more eloquently and details are readily accessible all over the web. Besides…I would hope that educators in schools the world over have done their jobs and made you, my dear readers, aware of it’s importance.

Instead I’ll step out of my usual snarky persona for today and tell you a story.