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Morgan Dana Harrington

When I was made aware of the reason for this shuffle, I dropped everything and told her I’d put it up immediately. I’m a Virginian with close ties to Virginia Tech…and I’m a Mother. The news of this girl’s disappearance hits me square in the gut.

So, I’m joining Susan in putting the information out there – not hesitating to “see what happens” in light of all the hoaxes this past week. Frankly…I’m hoping like hell that this IS a hoax.

Our own lil’ Focus Group!

First visit to Music Savvy Mom? Awesome! Go HERE quick to get caught up. ——————– Don’t worry – the Guest DJ blogging will resume tomorrow. Got some doozies lined up for this week, too. But first – I need some feedback. And some help. First, the feedback. Whatcha think…things are going pretty well, eh? For…