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Sunday Soul. Both kinds.

It’s a beautiful day outside, which is most welcomed after the torrential tornado-spawning thunderstorms that blew through here last night.  Sunshine and a crystal blue sky with nary a cloud in sight. Perfect day for opening the windows and sweeping out cobwebs, dust…and the cloud of “dull” that has hovered over me the past few…

Naturally Cool: Buckman Coe

You remember him, right?  On the Friday Fiver…a week or two ago?  ‘Member, I said this: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Give Up the Fright by Buckman Coe on his current CD, Latest Waking This song?  Comfortable.  Soothing without being patronizing.  Lovingly crafted and balanced yet delivered with an effortless ease that belies…

Saturday Scoop: Volume 3

The “answers” to this week’s Friday Fiver – with my two cents tacked on for good measure. 😉 Come listen and see if you agree!