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I need some Eddie Izzard.

Seriously. I really need a laugh today. Join me, will you?

I’m Recycling for Earth Day

…this post. It first ran on October 25, 2009. (What? Hey, I am CONSERVING ENERGY, dammit.) Plus, since y’all obviously hated the last post, I need to replace it with something so that the total lack of comments doesn’t continue to mock me. _____________________________________ Comedy. _________________ So, in an attempt to lighten the overall mood…and…

And Now For Something COMPLETELY Different…

So, in an attempt to lighten the overall mood…and because I watched a Monty Python Documentary on IFC this past week, I’ve decided to do a Comedy Shuffle. Well, not really a shuffle, because playlist.com didn’t have some of the things I have in my collection, and vice versa. We’ll just call it a compilation.