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Guest DJ: John from HellaSound Running Music

Enter John and HellaSound. Imagine a thirty minute track of original music, synched to your stride, with beats and rhythm paced for moving…that DOESN’T SUCK! Whatchu like – 80’s-influenced indie rock? Hard, Heavy, Intense, Aggressive, Metal? Indie rock, funk and jazz? Yeah, well he’s got it, and more on the way…and for less than the cost of a trip to Starbuck’s, you can have it, too. Check it.

Down and Dirty Details

Wow – yesterday was interesting, eh? There I was, all excited because the site finally looked JUST RIGHT…I invited you all over…added one last minute code…and WHAM. Sidebar colors changed.  Backgrounds disappeared.  I freaked out, and a few hundred of you got to see me with my pants down.  (That’s a metaphor.  It’s technical.)  *Sigh* …