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Why am I not Icelandic?

Seriously. ¬†While I’m very proud to be Italian and French Canadian (as far as I know), I now feel a bit gypped that I don’t appear to have ANY Icelandic blood. I mean – not ONLY are most of these people GORGEOUS: but I’ve just learned that genetically they are NOT pre-disposed to SAD –…

Twitter “Insta-DJ” Shuffle

So, as I was sitting here in my flannel pj pants and my “Youth and Talent Are No Match for Age and Treachery“ t-shirt, I was struck with a most excellent idea!¬† I posted the following Tweet: Insta-Twitter Guest DJ Day!! First one to shuffle music & send me top ten songs/artist gets posted on…

Ducks and Covers

First visit to Music Savvy Mom? Awesome! Go HERE quick to get caught up. ——————— Let it never be said that my titles are misleading. <——— Here’s the ducks…. And here’s the covers: