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Love: Ain’t it a wonderful, terrible, crazy old bitch?

Okay, so it’s Valentine’s Day…the day that we are to celebrate in all ways possible the “Great L’Amour”. The day on which chocolates have no calories, millions of flowers give their lives for our pleasure and Hallmark execs make room in their vaults for more bags of gold.  People lose all good sense and Cupid…

Guest DJ: That Dude from Why is Daddy Crying?

I just don’t think I’m capable of preparing you for the whirling dervish of “dude” that is about to engulf you. Our first Daddy Blogger Shuffle – and when it comes to music, he’s setting the bar at a more than respectable level, I’d say. (Of course, that may be the ONLY time you’ll hear me say the word “respectable” in reference to him, but I digress…)