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…the answer is “none”. None more black.

Well, okay, maybe not silly. Maybe a vile, duplicitous event concocted by evil Madison Avenue hucksters to pit sleep deprived shoppers hopped up on Cool Whip against each other in a commercial grudge match over items they have intentionally under-ordered and over-advertised. It’s consumer manipulation at it’s finest.

Halloween Music? We’ve got you covered!

Folks…Ri here.  I’ve got a confession. I’m a big ol’ wimp when it comes to scary. Seriously – I hid behind my Dad’s La-Z-Boy during the Witch scenes in Wizard of Oz when I was a kid. I’ve never seen Halloween, or Friday the 13th, and even a glance at that Chucky doll will give…

Guest DJ: The Lady of the House @ Checking the Electrical Box

Okay, so remember waaaayyyy back when I did the post about Starrlight from Here Comes a Storm? Remember when I said that sometimes…sometimes the bio a person has put in their Profile or “About” section is just WAYYY better than anything I could come up with myself?  (Of course you remember.  You remember every word…