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T-Loth: Shuffle, the Second

So…y’all remember The Lady of the House from Checking the Electrical Box?

‘Member wwaaaaaayyyy back, when I christened her T-Loth? (Her Rapper Name.)

Well…she’s BAAAACCCCCKKKKK!!!! :)

(Seriously – it tickles the everlovin’ crap out of me when a past DJ wants to Shuffle again. SO cool. Squee!)

Since we’re all already well acquainted, I’ll just let her get to it, eh?

Guest DJ: The Lady of the House @ Checking the Electrical Box

Okay, so remember waaaayyyy back when I did the post about Starrlight from Here Comes a Storm? Remember when I said that sometimes…sometimes the bio a person has put in their Profile or “About” section is just WAYYY better than anything I could come up with myself?  (Of course you remember.  You remember every word…