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Why am I not Icelandic?

Seriously. ¬†While I’m very proud to be Italian and French Canadian (as far as I know), I now feel a bit gypped that I don’t appear to have ANY Icelandic blood. I mean – not ONLY are most of these people GORGEOUS: but I’ve just learned that genetically they are NOT pre-disposed to SAD –…

Guest DJ: Not Your Average Single Momma

Nope. No, she’s most certainly not. She’s not your average ANYTHING – this lil’ ball of spitfire and expletives is one in a friggin’ million. At turns, she’s hard as nails and I truly believe WOULD “cut a bitch”…then just as sweet, empathetic and thoughtful as they come. (Although it’s likely she’ll want to cut ME for letting you in on the sweet part.) And the REALLY fun thing is that when you land on her blog…you never know what you’re gonna get.