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‘Tis the Season to be Thankful!

Pssst! Ri again. So, it’s Christmas night. OMG, I am exhausted. My kid is three – that ALONE should be enough explanation, but add in the fact that my Mother in Law arrived from Texas today, I cooked both a Turkey AND a Standing Rib Roast (complete with Yorkshire Pudding) simultaneously for dinner and I…

Ri’s Shuffle for Medicinal Purposes…

This week is already made of Suck, and it’s only Tuesday.

I’m in a foul mood, I think I’ve got a chest infection, the house is a mess, my sister is supposed to be coming over later today to watch Liam while I take our Father to the doctor, but she’s not answering the phone, it’s raining, I am SO far behind on work/emails/Google Reader that I’m about to lap myself, and I am COMPLETELY out of coffee – I only got two cups this morning.

(I complain alot, don’t I? Hmmm….)

Anyway – I dug out yet another post from Vacuity that seems to fit my needs today. It first ran in December of 2008. Enjoy!