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Twofer with Mr. Lucky

Pssst – hey, y’all. You’re in for a treat today – frequent Friday Fiver commenter and all around good dude @MisterLucky13 sent me the awesomeness you see below in response to my plea for Threefers. I’m not even going to put it in my usual “format”, because it’s perfect just the way he sent it…

Civic Duty Done; I’m Twenty Bucks Down & I’ve Got the Shakes…Again.

Ah, Democracy and Capitalism! They go together like beer and burritos, don’t they?

I was up before dawn. Brian and I had a plan, you see – he’d get to the polls when they opened at six, vote, run back home and shower while I went to vote, and we’d both be done before he left for work – well before Liam awoke. Ha…we really are cute, aren’t we? I pounded two large cups of coffee while Brian was gone in anticipation of my turn…

It’s my party!

Pssst.  It’s me, Ri.  I’ve turned the Front Page over to DSB ’cause it’s her Birthday, but I wanted to holler at you first for a sec.  Big day today, kiddies, big day!  Now you’ll see why I needed the extra room in here: Not only do we have Birthday Shenanigans for DSB below AND…

Wordless Wednesday

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Ducks and Covers

First visit to Music Savvy Mom? Awesome! Go HERE quick to get caught up. ——————— Let it never be said that my titles are misleading. <——— Here’s the ducks…. And here’s the covers: